Sunday, May 19, 2024

“Imaginary’ fails in all forms


By Kolin Kriner

This film got one thing right, and that was titling it after all the people who enjoyed it. 

2024’s “Imaginary” is a dumpster fire of a Blumhouse film directed by Jeff Wadlow, that somehow failed at achieving one of the most basic horror movie concepts. 

This movie is –- to put it plainly –- terrible. The actors deliver mediocre performances that are hard to take seriously, as the line delivery makes me feel like I’m listening to the dry run of the script. There is little to no tone inflection and it all feels extremely dull. I would argue that none of the actors fully shine. 

Leading the cast is actress DeWanda Wise, who plays new stepmom Jessica. I find it really hard to like this character. Her delivery feels tone-deaf and forced, which makes all her interactions difficult to take seriously. 

Betty Buckley joins the cast as eccentric Gloria, who serves the plot and then suddenly has no relevance except as a mild conflict that ultimately has little impact on the situation. 

With very minor rewrites to the movie’s script, she could honestly be scrapped as a whole. Gloria’s character simply felt like cannon fodder. 

Above all else, as if this movie couldn’t suck any more, it has one of the worst villainous entities I have ever seen. 

The villain is none other than Chauncey The Bear, and — if I’m being honest –– it is an extremely ugly designed character. It looks ridiculous and is hard to take seriously both as a teddy bear and a demon.

The plot itself is pitiful. It follows Alice, played by Pyper Braun, who has an imaginary friend having her complete a checklist to go into the Imaginary World. 

You then get to ride the monotonous rollercoaster of this child doing a scavenger hunt that makes no sense in the grand scheme of things. 

Once she completes the list, she is let into the Imaginary World. And it is the most stupid-looking set design I’ve ever seen. This film genuinely has nothing to give. 

Watching this movie felt like as much of a waste of time as Gloria, or any of the other characters. 

The filmmakers somehow managed to make a movie called Imaginary that lacks legitimate imagination. It’s boring and there’s not much more to say. 

Keep this movie off your to-do list, because otherwise you’ll be stuck in a 104-minute imaginary hell.


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  1. It seriously feels like you are just jumping on the hate bandwagon of this movie and just half ass watched it. It is seriously not that damn bad. It achieved its goal, its popcorn entertainment, period. This is why people don’t pay as much attention to reviews anymore because once there is a majority opinion, others tend to just jump on that side rather than share a different opinion. If u hated it this bad I understand but the way this is worded doesn’t feel like you were watching it unbiased. Again just my opinion but it’s funny how alot of theatergoers seem to like it yet here’s almost a word for word review of some others. Just saying.

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