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How to style tees in different ways

Have I ever told you to never ever underestimate the power of a simple graphic tee? It is possible to make a graphic tee become professional, preppy or casually cute. Don’t believe me? I will show you how many ways one can style a graphic tee and create different looks out of it.

Whenever I want to go for a professional look, a blazer is my go-to. Either it is an interview or a networking event that requires me to dress for success, nothing can go wrong with a black or dark-color blazer. You can wear or drape it over the tee. Matching it with a pair of jeans, you are all ready to score and slay that interview or whatever you are going to do. You can also wear a belt just to make it a little bit extra.

The second way to style a T-shirt is just adding accessories or focusing on the shoes and the kinds of pants you choose to wear. For me, I always put on my rose-gold watch to give my whole outfit look more classy. My favorite look is also a graphic tee paired with ripped-jeans and my Chucks. Adding a simple choker or a pair of dangling earrings with my hair curled or put it in a messy bun, anyone is ready to walk out the door with sass and confidence.

For the girly look, I would mix the T-shirt with a floral flowy maxi skirt. I would also tie the tee in a knot on the side to make some cute and stylish details. Hats, head wraps or headbands are some things you should consider too. This type of outfit will give you a Coachella vibe.

OK, are you ready for the edgy look? If yes, a leather or a moto jacket is going to be your best friend. This is actually my go-to outfit whenever I feel down because it makes me feel like a strong and powerful woman just by dressing up like one. That might be just a part of it, but clothes do affect how you feel.

A pencil skirt and a T-shirt never goes out of style. The whole set can be casual or professional, depending on how you add more details into it. For a casually cute look, I would suggest you mix with a nice pair of sneaker. My Chucks or my Vans is always my number one choice. For a professional look, I will pull on a pair of heels with it. Everything is easy but functional at the same time.

No matter which ways you choose to do with a T-shirt, it is certainly helpful and easy. You might consider making your tees become more fashionable and stylish other than just a sleeping wear.

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