Friday, June 14, 2024

Host silenced by network

Tomi Lahren was fired from her popular show “The Blaze” after coming out as pro-choice last week on an episode of “The View.” Lahren, a 24-year-old known for her political commentary rose to quick prominence within right-wing media.

Lahren has been known to marginalize and attack minorities, which goes against everything the United States stands for as a melting pot of different cultures.

She has said statements such as “It seems feminists are all about freedom of expression so long as the females are overweight or transgender,” and “Americans stand up and fight for faith, family and freedom. Syrians runaway.” Additionally, she has her infamous “shut the hell up,” line.

But for once, Lahren knows how it feels to be told to “shut the hell up,” when she was fired for coming out as pro-choice. In Opinion’s article “Tomi Lahren fired due to pro-choice stance,” by Laura Schmidt, Schmidt discusses that Lahren should not have been fired based on her pro-choice views. However, she also said that people shouldn’t be expressing sympathy for Lahren just because she was silenced by the government.

Feminists have been praising the firing of Lahren, according to a Bustle article, . However, her firing is just another reason why we must fight harder for gender equality.

In actuality, Lahren knows what it’s like to feel the oppression of being a minority. She knows what it’s like to finally be silenced for being a woman. Imagine that. Express a woman’s right to her body, and she is immediately fired by the male-dominated Republican Party, who refuse to put themselves in the position a woman might face. Hopefully, Lahren will take a double-take at her views now that she has been put into those shows of a minority.

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