Sunday, May 19, 2024

Horoscopes for the week of September 30th

Adeeb Chowdhury

Read according to your star signs. This week’s reading comes from the Lotus Tarot cards available online for free.

Aries: The Hermit. You may be feeling lonely at this time or going through a period of introspection. If you are struggling to find answers to your questions, give it time. They will come. This is a time for prudence and patience. If you have been unwell this is a time for rest and recuperation.

Taurus: The Moon. At this time you desire clarity and less of those confused emotions that leave you fearful and vulnerable. You want to know the outcome because you are so unsure about how you feel. Use your intuition to guide you away from deception and ride this out – it will turn out alright in the end. The Moon is also a good omen if you are in a clandestine affair.

Gemini: The Fool. You are afraid of making the wrong decisions. There is a warning here that foolhardy, impetuous actions could lead to major problems. Perhaps you feel that you don’t have control over a situation, either personal or professional. You may feel unable to complete a task or stay in a current relationship and fear the consequences of your decisions. Perhaps you know deep down that what you want isn’t really such a good thing.

Cancer: The Hierophant. There is help at hand. Just ask for it. If you are concerned about making the right decision there is someone with the right moral fibre who can help. You can receive Wise counsel and honest advice from a teacher, priest or parent, or just someone you have a lot of respect for. They are more than willing to help.

Leo: Strength. Your negativity and lack of self-control are your real enemies. If you are finding certain addictions in your life are taking a hold, be it smoking or drinking for example, look inward for your heart’s true strength and self-belief. Change your attitude and be positive and you will reap great rewards.

Virgo: The Chariot. Conflicts ending in victory! Keep charging ahead – this is a time of change, travel and success if you stay committed to achieving your goals. A journey relating to work is imminent and if you’ve had your eye on that new car it will soon be yours.

Libra: The Hierophant You feel a need for advice or wise council or perhaps spiritual consolation. Someone, or perhaps immediate events, will provide moral and practical guidance. Perhaps you are considering becoming such a tutor, counsellor or spiritual advisor. You desire the tried and tested traditional values, so when considering your options, this approach will prove wiser than adopting an unconventional novel approach. For example, marriage is more likely to be your desire than a living together situation.

Scorpio: The Emperor. The Emperor in this position suggests that what you most want at this time is success and achievement, and the support and influence of perhaps your father, husband/partner or another man of significance in your life who you believe could help.

Sagittarius: The World. You are afraid of taking action and lack confidence and willpower, but this is a time to be positive and proactive to prevent loss of momentum, delays and stagnation. Completion and success are only a step away. Don’t give up, lose heart or change direction when you are so close to the finish line.

Capricorn: Death. A time of absolute endings and brand new beginnings, your life is going through a period of great transformation. Whilst change may be difficult, or even painful, you will pull through. You will be free for a brand new phase in your life.

Aquarius: The Hermit. You are at risk of doing something hasty out of impatience and rage. This is not a time for irrational and impulsive behaviour – don’t be cantankerous (if closer to old than young!) or arrogant and resentful (if closer to young than old!) Try and remain calm and let the rage go. Take time to make a cool and collected decision. The Hermit signals a warning not to make hasty decisions.

Pisces: The Hanged Man. You will in time know what decision to make about who or what must be given up. This is a time of passage from one phase of your life to another. It may be a difficult choice, and self-sacrifice is never easy, but if you look for truth and integrity and don’t be too materialistic or hang onto things or people for all the wrong reasons, everything will turn out in your favour.

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