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Horoscopes for the week of October 8th

Adeeb Chowdhury

Read according to your star signs. This week’s reading comes from the Lotus Tarot cards available online for free.

Aries: Experience is an asset for everyone, but sometimes the memories are painful. The cards evoke some old wounds in your past and represent a dark period of your existence. Those painful moments are now behind you, but have left an indelible mark deep inside of you. The years have passed and you have learned to live with the memories, the absences and the wounds.

Taurus: If your projects are delayed, there is still time to act and make decisions. Looking further ahead, you will see that it is not all dark, quite the contrary. The cards suggest excellent prospects for you and with the support of your family, you will finally manage to achieve what is dear to your heart. At work, on a personal level, you have been thinking for several months about a breakthrough in your life; a project that has occupied your thoughts for many years and which now seems to be becoming more concrete. It is a real challenge for you, and you seem ready to do anything to achieve your goals.

Gemini: The obstacles you face today seem to be short-term and you will overcome them without problems given your desire and motivation. On this side, your draw is auspicious for the future since the cards you selected are synonymous with personal success and represent the end of a cycle, or the culmination of several months of work. If you still have doubts in your head, you’ll have to have confidence in yourself and use all those qualities which the people around you appreciate so much today.

Cancer: In the next 24 hours, you should expect some surprises. The cards show a restless astral climate with many interactions of an energetic nature. You might try to take advantage of this climate by trying new things on a personal level. In the medium term, this suggests significant changes in material terms, especially in terms of the environment you live in. It could be simple renovations or, more radically, a move. Anyway, your worldly references seem to be altered by the energies around and lots of opportunities may present themselves.

Leo: From now on you can rely on your ability to handle the unexpected with intuition and clear-sightedness. It is sure that you will succeed in facing this new astral climate without difficulty and on a personal level you might come out of this transitional period a stronger person. You have understood that these very positive changes in your life should enable you to put aside the personal challenges you are facing today.

Virgo: You consider someone as a friend, when the reality may be different. In the coming days, a betrayal may arise from nowhere. Why is that? The cards do not say. But we can clearly see that someone around you is keeping her cards close to his chest. She is doing this in order to have a better chance of reaching her own personal goals. It could be a co-worker who would like your job, or who is secretly jealous about your success. It could also be about competition for a job or a raise. Whatever happens, you must be strategic and show you are smarter than her.

Libra: The perception that you have of that person today is false. The future will tell, but the cards are warning you today. Specific events could bring that person to change her behavior and want to play on your side of the fence. If you let her you could soon be invaded and you won’t manage to escape. Your mind will quickly become aware of the extent of damage. However, it will take time to digest it, and the consequences could be significant.

Scorpio: Some unexpected help could give you an edge at a time when everything will seem lost. There is a third person who will play a decisive role in this matter, and she could then acquire a new dimension in your life. You won’t expect it from her, it will come as a great surprise to you. Without a doubt this person will turn around a situation that got off to a poor start, and you will not know how to thank her because her help will save you from the abyss. The most precious people in our lives are not always those we think, this could be the wise take-away from these cards.

Sagittarius: You didn’t take the advice given by a friend and you are going to suffer the consequences. This draw shows a person who has failed to learn the lessons given to them by someone close, and who finds themselves in the difficult situation they were warned about. If you had listened, the problem would not have happened. You’re going to blame yourself for not being attentive enough. Moreover, this is a trait people often blame you for: once you have an idea in your mind, it’s difficult to change it and convince you of its opposite.

Capricorn: Love will knock on your door in October 2021. The cards show a strong relationship between you and a woman. She may be older than you, and her age may have something to do with why you are interested in her. She has a strong and pleasant personality. You hear people talk about her a lot and you like what you hear. She has lots of charisma and a sense of humor. Perhaps you will meet her during your everyday life, with no warning. This could upset your plans, because you will be invaded by an intense feeling of love, in a way that you haven’t felt for a long time. The feeling a teenager has with their first kiss.

Aquarius: It seems that in the coming weeks, an unexpected event will give you the opportunity to finally achieve something that is very close to your heart. The potential that the cards have highlighted should open new doors and allow you to completely renew your personal life. The cards evoke new meetings and new journeys during which your view of the world is expected to grow further. Symbolically, it proves that you are in a transition period during which things could change in your life. The difficulties and obstacles you are facing today, which make you doubt yourself and your chances of success, should soon fade, and give way to a fruitful period during which luck should be smiling on you again.

Pisces: Listening to other people is one of the basics in life. If you always refuse to listen to ideas that run contrary to how you see your life, you will never evolve and you will always end up making the same errors. We are the sum of those around us because we base our behavior on theirs, we are subject to their influences; we all derive benefits from the people with whom we live.

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