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Horoscopes for the Week of November 5th, 2021

Adeeb Chowdhury

This week’s reading comes from the Good Karma Tarot deck created by Kerry Ward of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Aries: Write it off, Aries, because some things just can’t be saved—and shouldn’t be. You’ve been pouring a lot of energy and effort into a leaky bucket, and it all just pours away into nothing. The situation isn’t going to magically improve, so it’s time to cut your losses and move on. You’re too valuable to waste time on dead ends. Go look for the action, and you’ll soon be back in business.

Taurus: The Star is the tarot’s cosmic pass, a wonderful omen of wish fulfillment, and a chance to make your most heartfelt dream a reality. Truly, it can start right here. The higher you aim, the better the outcome will be. Brighten, bolden, and enlarge your ambitions this week. The universe is backing you, and you’re bound for success. Don’t squander this energy on something trivial. Pick a meaningful goal and set off in its direction this week.

Gemini: You’ve got to get out of your own way, Gemmy, and stop overthinking everything. Half the time you’re stuck catastrophizing, and it just prevents you from taking meaningful action. The Eight of Swords demands that you stop projecting your worst fears onto other people, places, or situations. Focus on your own circle of control.

Cancer: It’s a philosophical kind of week for you, Cancer. You’re questioning what (or who) you truly believe in right now, and where you align on matters of ideology and justice. The Hierophant brings the ~big picture~ to the foreground and asks you to review what you think is right, moral, true, and just. Know yourself. This week might lead to interesting actions, because when you know where you stand, you can choose to take action to that position. You go, Cancer.

Leo: Game over: That’s the message of the cutting Ten of Swords. It’s time to put on your sneakers and get out. Seriously, Leo, enough is enough. You’ve tried and tried to make things work, it’s not getting any better, and it’s not going to. It is what it is. And now, it’s time to withdraw. The relief and empowerment you’ll feel from letting go will be worth the brief angst of cutting the cord.

Virgo: Decision time, Virgo. The Two of Swords is a direct order to make your mind up, take action, and move on with confidence—no looking back or second-guessing yourself. Sometimes we think that no decision IS a decision because things will happen anyway. But in this case, no decision means that everything will stall. You really do need to pick a side and make a move, otherwise things might start getting uncomfortable.

Libra: You feel like you’re being tested this week, Libra, and although it feels a bit tense, it actually stirs you into action and brings out a powerful performance. The Knight of Swords is a reminder what a smart, shrewd operator you can be, and this is the week to bring all of your talents and intellectual strengths to the game. Play to win. You’ve got this.

Scorpio: The Knight of Pentacles is the hardest worker in the tarot deck. He toils away, putting in the effort to make sure his world is safe, secure, and protected. He counts pennies, crosses Ts, watches the clock, and gets where he wants to go through sheer willpower and determination. That is YOU this week, Scorpio. Don’t give up on what you need (or want) to get done. Stick with the task, see it through, and the rewards will be worthwhile.

Sagittarius: An opportunity for promotion, advancement, or broadening your horizons will emerge this week, and you should take it. You can go further than you currently think is possible, and you’re about to see this for yourself. The King of Coins brings opportunity, responsibility, reward, and recognition. It’s time to step up, lean in, and get what you deserve. 

Capricorn: Don’t overthink it, Cap. Whatever you’re facing, please know that you CAN overcome it, and the task will be a lot easier and quicker than you imagine. So don’t delay—get to it. You’re ready to tackle this obstacle, and you’re going to blast through it in style. The Nine of Wands is a big reassurance that you can overcome whatever stands in your way this week. Face it head-on.

Aquarius: Hear them out, Aquarius, and then make up your mind. You can be quick to jump to a conclusion or position, and you might not have all of the relevant facts. The Five of Wands sees you in conflict with someone. Make sure you go into the disagreement with the right knowledge, the best questions, and a positive attitude. 

Pisces: Everything is a little chaotic and ~choppy~ ATM, and it’s making you feel on edge. The Page of Wands shows there’s a lot going on, but it’s all going in unexpected directions. Things are stopping and starting and changing on a daily basis. Take a deep breath, Pisces. Chill. Just do what you have to do, and let the rest work itself out. Don’t start anything new this week. Ride the waves of the current situation/s and see where you land. It’ll all turn out okay.

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