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Plattsburgh State was filled with pride as alumnae from all over came back to their old stomping grounds and “returned to the Burgh” this past weekend on Oct. 13 and 14. There were many events going on through the weekend, such as alumnae soccer, hockey, rugby and lacrosse games, planetarium shows, campus tours and even ice skating with Burghy. In addition to these, there were two gatherings that were the most advertised around campus.

The third annual bonfire was held in the field behind Memorial Hall. Hosted by the Student Ambassadors, a huge pile of wood was burned and snacks and music were provided for any student and alumnae who came to see the fire. According to grad assistant Ruby Lainez, there were about 100 students who registered to attend.

“It was a really open and friendly environment,” said Lainez. “There were a lot of people dancing and having a good time.” One of their main goals is to “celebrate with the whole campus community, especially alumnae.” Juniors Kylie Peavey and Faith Nicoletti attended the bonfire Friday night, and both agreed more events like this should be held. “There was definitely a sense of unity out here,” Nicoletti said.

On the next day, the first annual Battle of the Bands was held in the Field House. Four bands, Divide by Zero, Island Tonik, Taylor and the Intangibles and Mambo Combo performed for the chance to be judged as to who will be the best band on campus. Composed of current and graduated students, each band had a different style. “Students have always been asking [us] for more live music on campus,” said Kerry Chapin-Lavigne ‘98, Interim Director of Alumni Relations.

Among other alumnae, Chapin-Lavigne was there to officiate the event and was overall happy with the results. “It’s all about coming together and having the Plattsburgh spirit [alumni] come home for,” Chapin-Lavigne said. Although there were less students that attended than they expected, it didn’t discourage the organizers or performers from having fun.

“Since it’s the first year we’ve done this, we can only improve for next year.” Chapin-Lavigne said. “We’re always trying to make new traditions for students and alumni.” Her and the other administrative alumnae want to keep this event for future homecoming weekends, and hope to increase their numbers through positive awareness from this year’s attendees.

From events like the Homecoming Bonfire and Battle of the Bands, Homecoming weekend was a time for the whole campus community, current students and alumnae, to come together in Plattsburgh pride.

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