Saturday, July 13, 2024

Head to Head: Online learning — the future of school

By Janey Waters

Online learning has transformed not only how educators teach across the country but also how students learn. With the rising prevalence of pseudo-classrooms online, students are finally offered the choice and given control over their education. They are given control over where they learn, how they learn, and what they learn. 

Although not a popular choice for high school classrooms, online learning has taken college lectures by storm. Many argue for a traditional educational setting, claiming – it isn’t the same and citing stunted social growth, but that highlights the exact point for many students who prefer to learn at their own pace – within their own environments from the comfort and safety of their own homes. 

The entire point of online learning is that it is not traditional learning, and for many it is the exact reason why it is so appealing. After not being given much control through the public school system, online classrooms and online environments are the exact solution and escape that students yearn for and have been yearning for since the new age of technology. At last, students are able to access material through a forum that promotes them to finally choose where they would rather learn, what they would like to pursue, and to do it at a pace that encourages them to succeed. There are real and living educators on the other side of the screen, and they are only an email away. Tutors are accessible from sources all over the country. One-to-one learning is promoted and encouraged. Online environments foster room to grow, the room to succeed, and are the future of learning. 

The internet is a learning citadel, and it is pertinent for schools to offer the proper channels for students to thrive in. Technology should not be something educators are afraid of. With technology leading the way in many aspects of our society, classrooms should develop more ways to keep students connected both inside and outside the course.



Online learning allows students to take control of their own futures in a way that is accessible to their lives.


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