Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Head to Head: Lack qualifications

By Cinara Marquis


As the world becomes more divided, rifts in values have cut even deeper and the personal has been claimed as political. Not only is this affecting the everyday individual, but celebrities are being held in higher regard, too.


Celebrities should never be made into a monolith  required to speak out about what is going on in the world. They are human beings just like everyone else, and that means that they have a right to their own opinions.


While they may be knowledgeable about some things, they are not necessarily experts in global issues. When one speaks out without a sufficient understanding of an issue, there is a greater risk of harm than there is of good.


Issues are also extremely complex and nuanced, so we should not expect a celebrity to speak out about something that they are uncertain about. Should a person with no comprehension of an issue and no meaningful addition to the conversation be expected to speak on it?


When there is an obligation to speak out about something, it no longer means anything.


But when a celebrity does speak out about something, they invite intense scrutiny, no matter the issue or what side they chose. It is an overwhelmingly huge risk


You can’t blame somebody for wanting to protect their careers and personal safety by avoiding controversy. 


Being apolitical allows them to decide what is most important to them and share that with their followers. Keeping their opinions private allows them to focus on their primary role as entertainers, the very reason they have amassed a following. Ultimately, they are not spokespeople for campaigns or the faces of activism. They are entertainers, plain and simple.


Celebrities give the public an ‘escape’ from the stressors of everyday life as well as global and local conflicts. Diverting their work and public image from the issues that the world faces allows them to highlight what is personally meaningful to them, share their work and entertain.


Expecting celebrities to speak on every single issue that comes up in this radicalized, ever-changing world is unrealistic and unfair.


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