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Hazing comes equipt with consequences

Kira Kazantsev, who was recently crowned Miss America 2015, was thrown out of her sorority for hazing.

She belonged to the Hofstra chapter of Alpha Phi. Kazantsev was apparently one wicked new member educator.

Alpha Phi takes hazing seriously and is always trying to crack down on it. As a member of Alpha Phi myself, it was unfortunate to hear that a sister from another chapter was hazing, but at the same time, it is not something Alpha Phi tolerates — she knew that. Besides, instead of wearing letters all the time, she’ll now be wearing a crown.

This past week was known as National Hazing Prevention Week. Hazing can be anything from silly mind games to strenuous physical activity, and it’s usually forbidden to ever be spoken about outside of an organization. Anything from being told to wear your pledge pin every day to being woken up at odd hours of the night for whatever reason is considered hazing.

According to a study conducted by the University of Maine in 2008, 55 percent of students who join Greek life, sports teams or other student groups are hazed.
A defense people say about hazing is that it’s supposed to be fun, but how can anyone say that when people are literally being hazed to death or mentally worn down?That doesn’t seem fun. It sounds more dreadful than anything.

My Greek life experience has been a positive one, and the only thing I could think of anyone apologizing for is too much gift giving and hugging. I feel right at home and love my organization. I’m proud to be an Alpha Phi.

According to an article on Babson College’s website, there is a 71 percent chance of negative consequences that come out of hazing.

It may bring a group of people close together in some crazy aspect, but the harm it causes to individuals is not worth the pain. It can cause physical and emotional instability, sleep deprivation, depression and, of course, death.

An executive director of the sorority said during a FOX News interview: “Alpha Phi is, and always has been, a values-based organization that has no tolerance for hazing in any form. The Theta Mu chapter of Alpha Phi at Hofstra is no exception: They have shown responsibility in addressing inappropriate behavior by individual members to ensure a positive chapter culture.”

Fellow students at Hofstra can’t confirm or deny what has happened because she is known to be a nice person on campus, and what she did is going to go unknown because it’s confidential.

It has also come out that she had not hazed at all and just sent an email to other sisters about a joke claiming she was going to do a bunch of bad things to the new members.

Hazing is not tolerated in the Alpha Phi organization, so if the email was sent, it was a poor joke that cost her sisterhood.

I hope that the allegations made on Kazantsev are false and that it was just a silly email that had no meaning behind it, but now she’s on a new journey as Miss America.

The actions and decisions made by college students can be troublesome, so be prepared to face the consequences.

Perhaps Kazantsev’s next course of action is speaking out against hazing and its consequences as part of her campaign.

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  1. . I agree with you hazing is wrong and can cause long term damage. Unfortunately it happens everyday in schools across the country. Stand up to bullies in every situation help stop violence to others

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