Thursday, May 30, 2024

 Greek Xposure returns to campus

By Nadia Paschal

Six of Plattsburgh’s multicultural and Black Greek Life organizations came together to participate in the eighth annual Greek Xposure hosted by Lambda Theta Alpha.

The fraternities and sororities involved were Lambda Alpha Upsilon, Phi Beta Sigma Zeta Chi Beta, Lambda Pi Upsilon and Sigma Lambda Upsilon. Members of these organizations gathered to discuss their values, histories, philanthropies and give those in attendance a glimpse into what their sisterhood or brotherhood is like.

Many of the organizations gave a performance after their presentation. Whether it was dancing, strolling or stepping, each member put their all into it. Each organization’s pride was visible throughout their performances. 

“Personally, I was in [an] interest since I was a freshman,” Jade Estremera, a SUNY Plattsburgh alumna and a sister SLU shared. “So, I was just looking for something to be involved in, you know something that was kind of bigger than myself.”

Her sisters, or “hermanas” chime in and agree that sincerity, loyalty and unity drew them in as well, and that the sisterhood feels authentic.

It is clear that they have established connections within their own organization, yet also have formed other close relationships both within the Greek life community and the rest of campus.

Cesia Arzu, a junior, explained that the cultural representation sparked her interest. 

“I am a Latina,” Arzu said. “So anything that has to do with Latin culture, I’m all for it.” 

“I think that having a Greek Xposure like this, it kind of helps unify other organizations because you’re working together. You’re seeing them, you’re talking, you’re interacting and learning how to be intertwined,” Ileini Espino said. 

Espino is a sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority Inc., and is involved by holding the positions of vice president, treasurer and chapter orientation adviser.

The showcase allowed these organizations to really shine and reach a larger audience. Ibukunoluwa Arabambi from Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. shared the importance of it “is to give a platform for each participating organization to share to the campus what they have to offer.” 

He also shared that if you are interested in joining Greek life you should always remember your reasons for doing it. 

“Your why will help you conquer any adversities during your college experience and even once you graduate,” Arabambi said. 

Geraly Pion, sister of Lambda Theta Alpha, explained that this event meant a lot to her sorority.

“We worked really hard to make this event go as smoothly and as engaging as possible,” Pion said. “This was our first event so we didn’t get quite the turnout we thought, but overall this event was still memorable.”

The event didn’t generate a big crowd with many of the multicultural and Black organization members being previous graduates. However, sororities and fraternities are still hosting informationals and are open to meeting new members. For more information contact,


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