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Greek life on resume affects hiring process


By Victoria Campbell

Greek life in the media is often portrayed as being superficial and full of partying. It can offer a more fulfilling college experience. However, college students may be hesitant to include Greek life on their resume because it can leave an impression that is not always positive. 

Putting a fraternity on a resume is debatable, depending on what you put into the experience, according to Jason Lynch, SUNY Plattsburgh alumnus and brother of Delta Sigma Phi.

For Lynch, being in a fraternity and putting it on his resume did not affect his ability to get a job.

“I think it definitely can be (good) for some people as it shows your ability to balance school work and fraternity obligations while building connections,” Lynch said. 

Being in a fraternity has several positives in regards to getting a job, including attending conferences and networking.

An employer’s perspective is essential, especially if you want to win them over with your resume and experience.

“I don’t think they necessarily would be impressed, but it does not hurt to have on a resume to show you were involved in the community,” Lynch said. 

However, some employers can easily overlook the experience and focus on the stereotypes of Greek life. This can easily ruin one’s chance in an interview or cause them to move on to the next potential employee quickly.

Someone can potentially overlook hiring someone affiliated with Greek life, Lynch said, as some people have a negative stigma about Greek life, but he does not think it is the make or break of a resume.

Lynch does not think being in a fraternity is a deciding factor in getting a job, especially if there is no relation to the career. 

Most employers want more job-related experience, which, depending on the position, can be beneficial. For example, being the treasurer of your organization can be an advantage if you were going into a financial related job.  

Everyone who went to college or has had an experience with Greek life will have their own opinion about whether they like it. 

An employer should not step away from hiring someone if they see it on a resume, but they could potentially ask more complex, more detailed interview questions. This could allow the company to see what someone got out of their experience in Greek life as well as any skills they may have developed.

A resume should include every related experience that could help one’s career. Still, without a role within the fraternity or sorority, it could be more beneficial to mention during the interview if it relates to the position.


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