Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Grammys best and worst dressed

By Brionne Thompson

This year, the Grammys had a lot of pressure, and the stakes were high, between who would win the award for the Album Of The Year, Fantasia performing a Tina Turner tribute, and  Jay-Z accepting the Dr. Dre Global Impact award. The Grammys are also known for their show-stopping and memorable fashion looks. This year the guests’ outfits were questionable, to say the least. 

Let’s start off on a good note—the top five artists with an amazing choice of style the night of the Grammys. 

The first outfit that looked Grammy-appropriate was Victoria Monet.

Monet wore a custom Versace dress. I don’t mean appropriate in how much of her was covered. 

How her makeup and hair match the aesthetic of her dress, and how there’s an amazing color scheme that can be seen from miles away. Something also really sweet about this outfit is that she matched with her adorable 2-year old daughter that accompanied her. Her outfit gave off a calm and collected aura, just in time to win the Best New Artist award. 

Next, Janelle Monae with a beautiful Armani glossy-black strapless dress, and dark,  sharp eyeliner. With a silver flower in the middle, it creates a simple yet elegant choice for the night. 

Then, someone who I think played it safe but still looked put together was Olivia Rodrigo. She wore a vintage Versace beige dress that expelled the famous Marilyn Monroe embezzled dress with a modern edge to it. It was simplistic beauty, to say the least. 

Another outfit I adored was Alessandra Ambrosio, wearing Avellano, a Parisian brand. Her dress was latex, resembled metal, and draped on the floor behind her. This outfit did a lot  for her, which is why she wore almost no jewelry and did not have overwhelming hair and makeup. I think it’s a very new style and a brave move. 

Someone I was excited to see win a Grammy, was Lana Del Rey, the main reason I tuned into the Grammys. She was decked out in all black, exuding the “Coquette Goth” aesthetic. She wore a vintage dress with lace flowers on it with black bow shoes that perfectly matched the bows in her hair. She resembled Loretta Lynn, with puffy sleeves and a floor-length bow in her hair. 

But, their outfits left me with some thoughts-what could be better? One choice was Miley Cyrus’ outfit. Her performance dress was perfect for her dance on stage after she won a Grammy. It was liberating and the tassels on the bottom added to the retro feel she gave her song “Flowers”, however, her Red Carpet look was not surprising. Her gold-studded outfit screamed  “Game Of Thrones but make it CAMP!” She had five costume changes and I absolutely lived for them, except the gold one. From two Bob Mackie outfits, to Gucci, to Tom Ford, she stepped out extravagantly. 

Another confusing outfit was Dua Lipa’s. The singer, who is known for following the themes of these award shows and Met galas to a T, somehow changed up her aesthetic, and it didn’t transfer well. She wore a Courrèges sparkly silver gown, with tiny cut outs on the side with a low V-neck. This outfit becomes unflattering with many holes around the gown and tells people that very soon, this dress will tear somewhere because the material is thin. It was disappointing, to say the least.


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