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Graduate studies fair to bring new prospects

The annual Plattsburgh State Graduate and Professional school fair, hosted by the Career Development Center, encourages PSUC students and alumni to attend and hear from over 75 college representatives. The fair offers an opportunity to dig deeper into your major and further education. Not only will there be college representatives but also representatives from law schools and medical schools.

The graduate and professional school fair will be held in the Angell College Center ballroom on Sept. 18 from 2p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“It’s called the graduate and professional school fair,” said PSUC Senior Career Counselor Sally Urban, the reason why the professional part of it is also added is because we do have a few law schools and medical schools that are considered, and I think we even have a veterinarian school, those are all considered professional schools.”

Urban also stated that the school representatives present at the fair plan to recruit PSUC students.

“There are gonna be a variety of schools that are gonna recruit Plattsburgh students for possible admission into their programs” Urban said.

PSUC students will be given the chance to enlist into a program that pertains to their major.

The fair is not just for upper-class students however. Urban’s goal is to assist every PSUC student further their education. That is why she encourages students of all years and majors to attend the upcoming event:
“For all students, all majors, all class levels, to have an opportunity to see what is possible when or if they pursue a graduate degree” Urban said.

First years who are undecided are more than welcome to attend that they could see what major “makes sense “ for them in the best possible way. There are many reasons why all class levels should be present at the fair:
“It might make sense for sophomores to kinda confirm that and to find out if I’m doing the right things, will it be marketable to get into any of these programs?” Urban asked.

Urban also explained the importance of juniors and seniors being present at the fair:
“Juniors, to get some of the more fine details of requirements and opportunity available, state’s Urban, and seniors, many of them should have already applied by now….There’s not a similar opportunity once you graduate.”

Sally Urban was not joking about the amount of seniors who have never attended this event before. The RAs of Whiteface hall was an example of this occurrence. Upper classman Nelly Delacruz, who majors in international business in marketing and is an RA for Whiteface Hall, said that she plans on attending the event for the very first time this Monday.

“I will be attending because I plan on pursuing a graduates degree” Delacruz said.

Delacruz said that she will not be going to grad school right away.

There are other upperclassmen who will be attending the event for the first time, including Anthropology major Chelsea Green. Green said that she plans on pursuing a graduates degree. However first she will be taking a nice semester off.

“I want to see all the options for me out there” Green said.

One student who had actually attended the fair once before was grad student, Nick Kelly, who majors in mental health counseling.

“The event did help me…It offered the opportunity to meet other professors and see other schools” says Kelly “ I would recommend that every student attends.”

The fair welcome students of all levels and all majors to attend a have the chance to find a profession that will suit them best.

“It’s a good time to have this conversation, but at the same time, it isn’t just a conversation,” she said. “We’re actually taking action as an administration. We’re not just going to talk about it.”

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