Saturday, June 15, 2024

GOP struggles for political control

By Bryn Fawn

Ron DeSantis is the infamous Floridian Governor. This year alone, he has pushed for the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, trafficked immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, and now may be the next presidential candidate. 

Former President Donald Trump has been radicalizing his base since losing the election. He remained silent on running again, that is until Nov. 15, when he announced he would be running in 2024. However, the Grand Old Party has not fully endorsed Trump. The party has become split. 

The Former Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, told ABC: “I am a Never-Again-Trumper. Why? Because I want to win, and we lose with Trump.”

The Chair of the Republican Party, Ronna McDaniel, reported to The Hill, a government-focused news publication, that the GOP could not pay for Trump’s legal fees if he was to run. Yet those in the GOP fear the backlash from the Make America Great Again fanbase if they are not to back Trump’s endeavors. A large concern is the outcome from the finding of Trump’s mishandling of crucial governmental documents.

“That’s part of the problem for his candidacy is the earlier he does it is the more time he gives a Glenn Youngkin or a Ron DeSantis to bide their time, see where the opening is and see where he is around late second quarter,” a former Trump campaign adviser told The Hill. 

That leaves the party with DeSantis, a well-liked candidate. In Florida, 64% of voters approve of DeSantis, according to a new poll conducted by Pulse Opinion Research. DeSantis is less radical in views, pulling the more tame Republicans’ votes. 

While DeSantis is still transphobic, racist, homophobic and xenophobic, so is Trump. Both are open in their bigotry. Yet, DeSantis never called and orchestrated an insurrection. DeSantis also did not try to reason why Americans should terminate the Constitution, unlike Trump.

Trump, in his unending genius, tried to reason that since his election was “stolen” — a provably false claim — that the Constitution has been null and void. Mitch McConnell pushed back against this argument, but he may inevitably cave and support Trump in the presidential run. 

The midterms also weakened the party in general. What the GOP believed would be a “red wave” turned out to be a sputtering whimper as Generation Z voters overwhelmed the GOP in Democratic votes. 

That is why there has been such a shift in the GOP. They fear losing. Trump has become unsteady, and “too far gone,” whereas DeSantis is reasonable. He can appease the more moderate, and still push for more right-wing legislation. The Supreme Court is already in his favor. The Senate is still in limbo with midterm results, but the Democrats control the House. Republicans are losing their grip in politics, especially as more Gen Z become of voting age.

While it is unlikely DeSantis would win against President Joe Biden, it still spells the future for the GOP. Trump is likely to be dropped, and DeSantis supported, showing that the GOP is content with allowing bigotry being their figurehead once again.

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