Thursday, July 25, 2024

Fuerza spreads spirit

By Kiyanna Noel

Fuerza: The BIPOC Student Union hosted a spirit week on campus Nov. 28 to Dec. 2. The themes were different each day and encouraged students to dress up as a way to show school spirit after returning from Thanksgiving break. Monday was sports jersey day, Tuesday was twins day, Wednesday was class color day, Thursday was meme day and Friday was pajama day. 

Fuerza President Shelby Disla and her team showed up each day representing not only Fuerza but their favorite teams, memes and school spirit to remind everyone in the last couple weeks of the semester to have fun, relax and be comfortable. 

“We chose these days because we wanted to do something fun and simple that college students would be able to participate in,” Disla said.

Sports is something that many students on this campus are passionate about. With the World Cup in the quarter finals, Fuerza saw it as a good opportunity to allow students the right to not only represent their favorite soccer team, but any team.  

“Jersey day gave the chance for everyone to represent their favorite teams,” Disla said. Whether it’s a college team or a famous team in the league, this was the perfect opportunity to represent them or yourself. 

For those who aren’t into sports, but have found a forever friend on this campus Disla said, “Twin day was a fun way to have friends dressed in the same outfit.” Twin day was a day to match with friends, family or even faculty. It was something simple, but a good way to have people participate in spirit week.

Class color day was a way to not only understand who is graduating this fall or spring, but a way for students to show everyone what year they were in and be proud. 

“Class color day was a great way for the whole campus to show some pride for their year,” Disla said. Freshman wore blue, sophomores wore red, juniors wore brown, seniors green and if staff wanted to join the festivities their color was yellow. 

Fuerza Secretary Esther Estrada expressed how she loved having spirit week because of its unity and the joy of seeing everyone’s favorite memes. 

“I believe spirit week was a great way for the campus to come together and bring that fun spark by participating in all the fun. I loved meme day just because it always brings a laugh to me seeing everyone be on point on recreating memes,” Estrada said. 

Meme day and pajama day was a good way to get a positive reaction out of the staff and students. 

Nearing the end of the semester with finals and major projects, it’s clear that students need a breather, and Fuerza tried to accomplish that with their Spirit week. 

“Spirit week was a cute, fun, distressful, school spirit week where we reminisce about our childhood, and end our semester strong with,” Disla said. 

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