Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Fitness havens on campus 

By Jeremy Binning


Physical health is an important part of our overall well-being. Being active can be simple, but laziness often creeps up on us. For some, it’s a daily routine and they always find the time to get a workout in. The campus gym is usually filled with students either running or lifting weights—it’s the typical workout. Others are sometimes more calisthenics-based and work with their body weight, such as push-ups and other at-home exercises. 

Going to the gym or doing calisthenics is not the only option when looking for a good workout. There are plenty of activities that are just as beneficial as going to the gym for an hour and can be a lot more fun. 

Garba Dancing is related to the Hindu god Krishna and goddess Radha. They were both cursed by priests in the culture. The only way they could share their love was through dance and that’s how the Garba dance was born. Originally, the dance form was named Rass-Garba.

Mrudangi Trivedi hosts Garba dance classes and has been dancing this form since she started walking. 

“I got into it because of my father. My father learned dancing Garba and other dance forms at a young age and began to perform for various events and in further he decided to open his own dance academy and continued,” Trivedi said.

The origin of Garba is from Gujarat, India, which is also where Trivedi is from. She began learning Garba dance at the age of 5 until she was 15. After that, she began to handle her father’s dance academy and has since been teaching Garba dance to all age groups. 

Trivedi feels that this form of dance is “one of best dance forms if seen in way of exercise.”

“It has also been tested that if you have been taught how to perform Garba dance, you can learn any Dance form easily,” Trivedi said.

Dancing is a great way to exercise and have fun in the process. Another style of working out that not only benefits you physically but mentally as well, is yoga and meditation. 

Students also benefit from local gyms like Planet Fitness. While the gym does not have trained personal trainers, many of the workers are skilled at the machines and fitness, and help out when they can. 

Abigail Landolf, a student working at Planet Fitness said, “Even though we don’t have a trainer, we all still help people try to meet their goals.” 

“My manager has scheduled time to meet with individuals at the gym to help create a regimen and help those that don’t know how to use certain equipment or do certain exercises,” Landolf said.

These days, students do not have it easy. On top of attending classes and revising for exams, many are committed to clubs and organizations, and many students also work. The pressure of getting good grades to secure your future, grappling with the perils of young adulthood and establishing independence are all stressful factors at play for college students. 

Fitness is an amazing way to improve brain development and boost cognitive abilities, releasing some of the stress from college life is a good way to clear your mind. Thankfully, SUNY Plattsburgh is filled with resources for students to get active. 

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