Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Fashion show features student designers

By Kiyanna Noel

The Black Student Union hosted BSU weekend at SUNY Plattsburgh. Events included a Wild ‘N Out show Nov. 4 and BSU Fashion Show Nov. 5. The fashion show was hosted at Warren Ballroom in the Angell College Center and was hosted by David Harris and Michael Alston-Johnson. 

The designers were 8ight Of Spades, Passé NY, L.E.E.L, K.minitotes and Sovereign society. The show featured performances by JEDI Dance Productions and High Voltage Dance Factory. 

The first set of designs was L.E.E.L by Khaleel. He started his brand in 2019 with the vision of letting people “dress themselves in my merch, so it can speak for itself.” L.E.E.L stands for Levels to Earning Every Leaf, which references getting to a new level gets you higher in life and more experience. The clothing brand had a range of options from sweat suits to shorts and hoodies. 

“How many of you think about starting your own clothing brand? When I started my first brand I didn’t think people were going to mess with it because I always used to doubt myself because I know it isn’t Supreme or Nike. But when I thought about it I could be Supreme or Nike one day,” Khaleel said before thanking the audience for attending and showing their support.

The second design was Passé NY which was created in 2020 to bring back looks that may be considered outdated and create a new spin on them to show relevance. One of their slogans is “Crafts Through Colors” because color is what represents the brand the most. The purpose of Passé NY is to create a modernized version of old or forgotten clothes, which was showcased in their buttoned up shirts, scarfs and sweaters.

The third designer was K.Minitotes by Kaliyah. Kaliyah has handmade totes since 2020 and has recently been getting into male fashion and creating fanny packs. Kaliyah spoke about the struggles of making each bag and the passion behind it.

 “It can be challenging sometimes if I get a lot of orders, but I love what I do and I started it because I have a passion for fashion,” Kaliyah said. Kaliyah’s designers featured different bag designs, textures and lengths in versatile styles.

The fourth designer was Sovereign society by Shaniah. The meaning behind Sovereign Society is due to conquering mental health even in struggles you can do what makes you happy and dress confidently. 

“No matter what you’re going through you have the power to be successful,” Shaniah said. Through her brand, Shaniah uses her clothes to create a new look using vibrant colors to be expressive. 

The final designer was 8ight of Spades by Nick Spade. He considers himself  “every trapper’s favorite designer, every designer’s favorite trapper.” His clothing brand is sweat suits and shorts in a variety of colors. Spade appreciated the audience for their engagement and encouraged social media following. 

Before the night ended there was a game of musical chairs and a best dressed audience member for prize money as well as an intermission to welcome the new members of Zeta Phi Beta at their probate in Amity Plaza. 


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