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Fashion gala showcases student work

Jakira Barrett, vice president of HOD, speaks at the fashion gala.


By Brionne Thompson

Students gathered in the Warren Ballrooms dressed in formal attire to watch innovative student designers advertise their products. House of Divinity, the modeling club at SUNY Plattsburgh, held its second annual fashion show in the evening of April 27.

The theme for the event was the Met Gala.

The show was opened by HOD host and Event Planner Deasha Gilmore. She rallied the crowd together for the first designer, Jaysean Isaac. His designs are from his self-made brand, SMYLS. Gilmore’s work includes custom headpieces like durags and knitwear.

The second part of the show included a series of games such as “Bring me a…” where the hosts ask for an item of clothing or accessory to have members bring up from the audience. 

Additionally, the women of HOD performed a dance show for the audience, including attendees in their dance by allowing them on stage, too.

The guests participated in the modeling show, taking photos at the photo booth and networking with other fashion lovers at the show.

“They really did their thing this year,” Samara Simmons said. “They always show out and make everyone happy.”

Simmons was a contestant on “Who’s Best Dressed?” where attendees voted on who followed the theme of the show.

The members of the board participated in the event too, coming together as a team to perform for the campus community.

“All of my friends came here tonight and I’m really grateful they showed up in support of my club and I,” said Hassani St. John, HOD club member.

Some students who were heavily involved in the backstage planning of the fashion show came in support this evening.

“I think we are building a great legacy for this club and it’s always nice working with my club members of HOD,” said Storme Hutton, founder of HOD.

Rahshad Nicholas, the president of HOD, said he had a great experience with the models in the club and found it fulfilling to create the show.

“The models worked so hard putting this show on, they really made the show,” Nicholas said.

Jakira Barrett, the vice president of HOD, said she overcame the stresses of putting on such an event on campus.

“It was definitely a process I had to be patient with, but all in all I enjoyed this night and I hope the legacy of House of Divinity lives on well,” Barrett said.

The show ended with one last walk of all the models and designers, with thanks to the audience for the pleasant night.

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