Thursday, May 30, 2024

Fans cancel DaBaby, controversy strikes

By Jeremy Binning

DaBaby, a rapper from Charlotte, North Carolina, is making controversial headlines yet again. It seems he can’t stay out of the media’s eye, as he was recently caught on video grabbing a female fan by the face and trying to kiss her. DaBaby was outside of a venue interacting with fans when the incident occurred. He was seen in the video prior to the incident being close with the fans as they were hugging and holding him. The internet immediately went into flames as yet another DaBaby headline made its way around. 

Just a week before this, he was in the news for another altercation caught on video. The rapper and one of his fellow artists, Wisdom, were seen fighting backstage for some unknown reason. DaBaby is seen repeatedly punching Wisdom before being separated by security. This shocked fans because just last year, Wisdom was arrested and charged with attempted murder after defending DaBaby in an incident that left one man shot. The two have been close friends since Wisdom signed with his label, Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment.

Justice Williams, a junior majoring in broadcast journalism, has felt that DaBaby gets let off too easily and is happy more people are calling out his out-of-control behavior. 

“I feel like he has always given off the persona that he doesn’t respect women and this video couldn’t scream it louder,” Williams said, a fan of him at first but shortly after his insensitive comments in regards to the LGBTQ+,  began to dislike the rapper’s attitude. “He didn’t even seem bothered by what he said and it’s sad because as a member of the community this offends me. He will get his karma one day but until then I guess we just have to wait and see what he does next.”

Cancel culture has tried its best to get DaBaby out of mainstream media but he somehow keeps coming back no matter how serious the controversy is. In early April, released footage of his deadly 2018 shooting that left a 19-year-old dead in a Walmart in Huntersville, North Carolina. DaBaby was initially charged with the murder but surveillance footage, the same one that was released this past month, showed that he acted in self-defense. However, fans felt that the video told a different story as it looked like DaBaby had continued on with the altercation and fired his gun to instill fear in the victim, not act in self-defense. DaBaby has answered to the recent allegations by laughing it off and doubling down his take on self-defense. He reposted a comment that someone left under The Shade Room stating, “Y’all actin like the police ain’t already see this.”

His nonchalant attitude to the consistent controversies he has been in seems to anger fans even more. 

“He doesn’t care about anything but his money. If he was getting sued for his actions, I feel he would have a different attitude but he just seems to be getting off easy every time,” said Skylar Ebalarosa, a senior majoring in criminal justice. 

Only time will tell if we will ever see him change his ways but until then DaBaby will continue to drop music and raise eyebrows with his oddly amusing personality. 

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