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Falling in love in the dirty burgh

Going into college, many people come with the mindset of putting education first and living independently. At times, people end up falling in love with one another.
Dating someone who goes to the same university can affect the relationship in a positive way and also in a negative way.

Love comes with respecting each other, helping each other reach goals and more. At times, this can be a hard task because one may want “me” time. Couples in Plattsburgh State testify their take on being in a relationship with both being in the same school.

Senior ecology major Garrett Manchester met his girlfriend through a dating app. They were matched up and have been together for six months.
“We knew of each other in high school till college,” Manchester said.

Manchester said being upfront is a main value when being in a relationship. Some difficulties they face are time management due to their workload. Manchester and his girlfriend remain in a happy relationship by talking to each other and spending time together while being on the same page.

Furthermore, junior psychology major Evelyn Cordora and senior entrepreneurship major Deneisha Pujols, are used to each other not only because they have been together for two years but they also live in the same house. They met during the summer of 2015 when Pujols was a tutor counselor and Cordora was one of the students. Cordora and Pujols want to focus on their education and then their relationship.

“We both have own priorities, and get to hang out whenever we want,” Pujols said.

He also explained how time management used to conflict between them in the begging but they were able to get through it by balancing each other’s schedules. They both believed in education first then their relationship second. Pujols said that the main values that she believes in were “trust, honesty, communication, and commitment”.

When it came to friend group they admitted that they had problems with getting to know each other’s friends, but now that they live together, they were able to get past that issue. Cordora admitted that the pro of being in a relation while in college is having a support system
“Having someone to experience you successes and failures together,” she said
Pujols said since they are both college students they have a level of experience, they are able to learn about each other and grow together.

“Knowing that school comes first and remember what you came here for” was advice that Pujols gave for fresh relationships whereas Cordora’s advice was “hustle together and don’t waste each other’s time”.

The last couple, junior marketing and international business major with a minor in spanish Shailyn Serrataand and sophomore business administration major Alex Castillo have been together for five months. They met through a friend at PSUC.

Serrataand said that she is not missing out on the college experience.

“I had my fun freshman year, so I am not missing out on anything,” Castillo said. “I do stuff that I want the only difference is she is by my side”.
Both said that it is easier maintaining their work because they keep each other on track.

“When I forget something he remembers it for me,” Serrataand said.

Together they value honesty, communication, and trust. If they feel like they are spending too much time together, they said they love being around each other so they didn’t mind. Since they lived together, Serrataand explained, “it can be chaotic sometimes because when I fix something he messes it up.”

“She is calm and helps me out a lot,” he said.

Their advice to new relationships are keep at it, not giving up and just be sure both want to be in a relationship.

“If you do things that you want to do while single, don’t get into a relationship,” they said. “Fight through everything, if you want it done, don’t give up.”

Being in relationships in college can have a positive effect between couple. Each couple explained their input and thoughts of being in a relationship in college and explained how they managed each other and are able to keep their relationship healthy and successful

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