Friday, April 12, 2024

Fall flavors underappreciated

By Rocco Golden

Fall is often overlooked when it comes to many of its food staples. These foods are classics in American culture. For some individuals, they look forward to this season to indulge in such delights as pumpkin bread and apple pie. 

The absolute definitive food of the fall season is the apple. In and around the North Country, there are many orchards that, during the fall season, always have tons of apples to sell. These apples are some of the best that can be found in the region. New York is the second biggest apple producing state in the country, behind Washington. New York is also home to the largest mcintosh orchard in the world, Chazy Orchards. According to Apples From New York, an informational website on the propagation of apples, New York grows more apple varieties than any other state in the country. Enough apples are produced each year to make over 500 million apple pies. The apple was also adopted as the state fruit in 1976.

One of the best things about apples is the versatility. A plain apple is already a delicious and classic treat, but the many dishes made with apples garner the same, if not more prominence.  Apple pie is by far one of the most popular dishes for fall in the North Country. Many take for granted the ability to drive to a local orchard and pick apples themselves. Farm fresh apples are far better than store-bought, and the experience itself is enjoyable. Not many people, especially those in larger cities, have such close access to freshly grown, local produce.

While its popularity may not be up there with apples, pumpkin still proves itself enough to be considered a staple in the area. Like apples, pumpkins are in season around the area during September and October. Another great food during the fall is pumpkin bread. Pumpkin bread is similar to banana bread, a generally more popular alternative.

The pumpkin itself has a more tourist-like and decorative reputation, especially for the season. While many see the pumpkin as a decoration, its true potential can be found in the culinary department. Baked seeds, pie, cookies, pancakes and other various foods can be made using pumpkin as an ingredient.

Fall can be overhyped, with individuals looking forward to expensive seasonal lattes and leaf peeping. However, the food of this time of year should be appreciated. Food during the fall season is something that remains justly rated by the masses. Fall food may not be the most prestigious of all, but it is certainly not the worst.

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