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Fall fest provides activities

Plattsburgh State is holding its annual Homecoming Weekend. This weekend is filled with fun activities for both current students and alumni, including Fall Fest.

Fall fest is produced by Residence life staff who hope to get the students and alumni out and having fun, it is held between the dormitory halls today from 4 to 6 p.m. Macomb and Kent halls hold a large amount of the activities in the mutual front yard. The actives include tie-dyeing, pumpkin carving, a donut-eating contest, a photo booth and a new popcorn machine.

Activities will also be held at Whiteface, Banks and Adirondack Hall grounds, as well as Macdonough and Harrington Hall areas.

Macomb Hall Residence Director Maria Veloz said the best part about fall fest is meeting new people, making long lasting friendships and seeing the students and alumni have fun.

She said something new to this year’s Fall Fest is the changes to Hall Council in the dorms. Similar to a student council for the dorms, it is now called “Community Governments,” where instead of having individual dorms create ideas, dorms would be grouped together, like Macomb, Kent and Mason to put together the activities, such as Fall Fest.

PSUC sophomore Bailey McGregor said although she has never gone to Fall Fest, all the activities taking place this year sound fun and she would “definitely be going.”

McGregor said she hopes they have free food, and she hopes to carve Dracula into a pumpkin.

Harrington Hall resident Kellyy Gallagher said she has also never been to Fall Fest, but is glad she knows about it.

“I’m excited to carve a really small face into a big pumpkin,” Gallagher said.

She also said the free food and music will definitely give her enough reason to attend. She said Fall Fest is great for the campus because it gets people who she has seen pass by in the hallways, but never spoken to, out of their shell. She said she is excited to meet new people too.

Veloz said that many of the clubs around campus like Hoola Hooping and Platty-slack often attend Fall Fest, as it can be a good way to get to know some of the clubs around campus.

McGregor said it’s great to have Fall Fest because living off campus can sometimes make it hard to make friends outside the classroom. She said she can make new friends at Fall Fest, while still spending time with the friends she has already made.

“There will be lots of free food, and great music! And even an MC,” said Veloz.

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