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Fall fashion brings ‘sweater weather’

When September shows its face, it’s time come to terms with the fact that autumn is approaching.

Gone are the days of shredded denim, derriere baring shorts and lace-up crop tops that get tangled up in gold metal chokers.

Although it means throwing gladiator sandals and little black bikinis to the back of closets, just know turtleneck blouses, chunky knit sweaters and plaid skirts await to be put on hangers for the next few months.

As predicted, large, oversized sweaters and flannels are returning as highly respected veterans this fall season, but should be paired with the newest denim trend rather than black leggings from previous years.

According to an article in Vogue, mom jeans are taking a back seat to a new style: cropped flare jeans.

They are known for falling to a comfortable length right above the ankle and kicking out just enough to be considered “flare” unlike “mom” jeans that are high rise and make their way down to the ankle bone.

Plattsburgh State public relations sophomore Chelsea Asare runs her own fashion and lifestyle blog “”

While keeping up with her studies she is also keeping up with the current trends and sharing them with her followers. As for the trends of this moment, Asare says thigh high boots will be a staple in every gal’s closet no matter the shade or texture.

“Also, I got this denim jumpsuit for summertime and it’s possible to wear it in the fall because the denim is so thick and heavy,” Asare said.

Model Karlie Kloss seems to agree, as she’s been seen in various pages of Vogue sporting a whole slew of jumpsuits recently that featured heavier fabrics in order to make the transition between summer and fall more seamless.

“Avoid matching your outfits,” Asare said. “Trying to match tends to make the outfit make too simple.”

She advises throwing a bright color into a solely neutral toned outfit whether it be from a pair of Monolo Blahnics or a Fendi cross body bag.

Also, Asare loathes mixing patterns for fall as it can clutter an outfit since the human eye has too many lines to follow, resulting in a lack of cohesiveness.

While fashion-forward thinkers can get away with mixing pinstripes and large scale floral prints on a flowy, floor-length dress in the summer, autumn is centered around layering rich fabrics, saturated hues and ornate embellishments.

What better way to honor the true traditions than to switch that Tori Burch Kaftan maxi dress out for a charcoal, velvet shift dress as Liana Satenstein suggests in her article for Vogue, “This Fall Is All About Velvet.”

Famous faces such as from Alexa Chung are digging their freshly manicured claws into this trend, pairing their frocks with thin, cross adorned chokers or a simple, letter-box clutch in a mirroring shade.

If customers are feeling especially daring, they can try one of these velvet numbers in a vibrant hue such as deep ruby, burnt orange or sunflower yellow which are three colors Asare indicates are trending for the fall.

There are ways to utilize one’s already jam packed summer wardrobe to their advantage by simply skimming through the brightly colored confines and plucking out a few key pieces to pair with any of the previously mentioned fall staples.

PSUC freshman biology major Carlie Mashia is no stranger to having to make the quick transition from the scorching days of summer to the borderline arctic temperatures the north has to offer as she hails from Hinesburg, Vermont.

She said that when she cleans out her closet, she makes a point to leave all of her t-shirt dresses on their designated hangers as they can be paired with black sheers, ankle boots and long overcoats to keep the chill in the air at bay.

“Or bomber jackets,” Carlie said “Definitely bomber jackets, but my absolute go-to is a lacey bralette under an oversized sweater. It’s easy, comfy and looks put together.”

For the guys, PSUC psychology major Joaquin Contreras said to stick to flannel and chambray shirts.

“Material that’s heavier than cloth, but still light because it’s getting cold but not that cold,” he said.

He suggested brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s and Patagonia for all of the basic needs like jeans or cotton vests to layer over thin sweaters.

Though in the meantime, students can eagerly wait for the leaves to change their hue and the warm breeze to give way to the familiar chill they know all too well.

By doing a bit of much needed research, possessing a capsule wardrobe for autumn (and hopefully for one’s wallet, the beginning of winter) is a breeze.

Naturally, this may ensue scheduling a much needed shopping trip for the near future.

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