Saturday, June 15, 2024

Editorial: We need to unite in U.S., not divide

The build up of this election has truly been the most tiring process of 2020. From outrageous behavior during a presidential debate to the confirmation of a far-right Supreme Court justice promising to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Despite enduring one of the most emotionally draining elections to date, it’s been great to see new voters jump into politics and exercise their constitutional right. Hopefully, the voter turnout for the 2024 election is the same. It’s important to acknowledge, however, the outcome may not be what we hope for, but it’s OK. It’s important we stay as united as we were on election day voting Donald Trump out of the Oval Office. Human rights are at stake here. Some are watching this election without a care in the world while others can’t sleep without the outcome being announced. If we are successful in electing Biden into the White House, there’s a lot of work to be done while we sit out the rest of the pandemic. Not to mention Trump will still have his die-hard constituents to fall back on if he doesn’t take back the White House. The voter turnout is proof of how powerful we are as a country once we stick together to block out the hate and misinformation. We’ve all made it this far into 2020 and there’s no chance this unfortunate year will break the solidarity built during these last few months. The end doesn’t seem to be near just yet, as long as we continue to make change.

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