Saturday, May 25, 2024

Editorial: Trump’s legal battles escalate

Cardinal Points previously published an editorial explaining the possible indictment former president Donald Trump faced. Trump was officially indicted March 31. 

Trump has been indicted for falsifying documents to cover up hush money paid to porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump has 34 charges pressed against him, and his arraignment was in New York April 4. The next day, Trump claimed court officials were “crying” over his situation, and the media swiftly debunked his claims. Trump told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the officials had tears streaming down their cheeks, reminding him of his future term in 2024, allegedly stating “2024.”

The incident with Daniels occurred before Trump’s presidency. Daniels and Trump had an affair long before his presidency, but became a common subject in 2016 in an attempt to ruin Trump’s character. Trump allegedly paid Daniels around $130,000 to keep silent. Daniels took the money and feared for her and her family’s safety, but did not remain quiet on the issue. She has done several interviews with media over the affair, and shared the details of even the night in the hotel.

It is either illegal for the former president to have an affair, nor to pay his mistress to be silent. The illegality is in where the funds came from. Allegedly, using his business to hide that he paid Daniels is illegal, as the affair had nothing to do with his businesses, and it led to falsifying documents.

Trump pleaded not guilty to all counts. If found guilty, Trump faces more than 100 years in federal prison.

This indictment is historical, as no president has been indicted before. Presidents have been impeached, but that is simply a determination if a crime was committed, it is not a charge. This can possibly pave a way for other criminals to face the consequences of their actions, as Trump is a figurehead for radicals. 

Trump has stated that this indictment is illegal and just an attempt to silence him. 

Trump can still run for presidency as the situation currently stands. As the election approaches, it will become more evident if President Joe Biden will be facing DeSantis or Trump.

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