Wednesday, July 24, 2024

EDITORIAL: Stand up for your rights

Show up, stand up and speak up. These attributes can be associated with fighting for the rights of not only yourself, but the rights of others. Since the passing of the Texas law that prohibited abortions past the detection of a heartbeat, women’s rights activists have taken to the streets to protest. A fight for reproductive freedom is ensuing. 

On Oct. 2, activists in hundreds of cities across the country marched in the 5th Women’s March to fight for abortion justice. Washington D.C., New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles were all a part of the event, and so was Plattsburgh. 

The stationary demonstration for women’s rights was a small event downtown that included students, community members and even some from out of town. Representatives from local government, the SUNY Plattsburgh political science department and Planned Parenthood all spoke out against Texas’ ruling. They urged the crowd to vote in local elections to protect women’s fundamental rights. While it was an empowering event, it only lasted a few hours. 

Now the question must be asked, how does one continue to stand up for someone’s rights in daily life? In the United Nations “Stand Up for Someone’s Rights” campaign created by former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, there are five steps in speaking out for others. Implementing human rights projects on campus or in the community, informing yourself and others why human rights matter, supporting human rights in everyday life, taking digital action and calling on leaders to uphold human rights are crucial to speaking out for others. 

Voting in local, state and national elections is the most important step in standing up for the rights of others. Without government support, human rights will not be implemented into laws. 

Standing up empowers others to join and fight for a common cause. The greater good of our society and country comes from its citizens. Let’s create a better society for the future generations, one of unity and not division. 

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