Sunday, April 21, 2024

Editorial: Poor ads cause small crowds

Come March 8, Plattsburgh State students will have the opportunity to see environmental activist and filmmaker Josh Fox discuss renewable energy mixed in with music and storytelling to help engage the audience.

When it comes to having passion in finding alternative energy solutions, you could argue this guy is the real deal, having been nominated for an Academy Award for his documentary “Gasland” in 2011 and his 2013 follow-up, “Gasland Part II.” Both films criticized the United States’ increased used of hydraulic fracturing across the country.

But this begs the question: How well are these events publicized outside of these departments?

Academic departments understand that professors can’t be the only role models to set examples for students. Students need well-known people who have the ability to inspire change in order to help motivate students to do the same.

Students do relish these opportunities, but it’s important that they know about them so they can experience them.

In some cases, a guest speaker’s message or presentation might pertain to one particular academic department over others. But why should that mean the presentation can’t be publicized outside of the department to the rest of the campus community?

Departments should be actively making an effort to bring in students of all interests, not just their own. These opportunities are beneficial, especially for professional development and inspiration.

It’s not that students don’t care, but they just don’t seem to receive enough of a heads up.

Fliers typically are not put up until too close to the day of the event, and students struggle to fit in additional ventures — even ones they take great interest in — to their packed schedules on short notice.

This also seems to lead to a poorly trending cycle or relatively poor attendance at some events, which gives off the idea that these opportunities are not interesting to students and ultimately lead to a decreased frequency in these events.

Take advantage of the events and speakers organizations and clubs host. Education does not end in the classroom.

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