Sunday, May 19, 2024

Editorial: Nashville urges change

Nashville, Tennessee witnessed a horrific and senseless killing March 27. A private Christian school, Covenant School, was targeted and six lives were lost. This shooting marks the 130th in 2023, according to The New York Times.

Six individuals were killed Monday — three children and three staff.

It has since been discovered that the shooter, 28-year-old Audrey Hale, had planned the shooting for months. Hale attended the school for a brief period of time, and was reportedly a normal student with no behavioral issues according to previous teachers. Hale was believed to be transgender, which has only added fire into the social politics of this specific shooting.

Writings were discovered in Hale’s home and car that lead police to the conclusion that the shooting was planned. The plans were detailed, including maps and surveillance.

Ballistics reveal at least 152 rounds of ammo were discharged in the building. 

Hale had no criminal record prior to the shooting. Police believe Hale may have planned to target other locations, but may have resented attending Covenant, leading to the school being her target. 

Hale arrived at the school with three weapons, two AR-style, and one hand gun. Two of these three guns were obtained legally in the Nashville area.

Hale was shot and killed by police.

Students, faculty and citizens have congregated on the Tennessee House floor in protest. They chanted and shouted. They demanded stricter gun control to ensure events like this never occur again.

What can SUNY Plattsburgh students do?

While the shooting occurred in Nashville, gun laws still affect all Americans. Gun control can reduce the easy access to firearms, potentially preventing shootings like this and other gun violence such as suicide.  Use your vote to steer the nation to where you wish to see it flourish. 

However, it must be noted that despite Hale being transgender, her queer identity plays no part in her act of violence. Many who wish to ignore the severe issue of how easily one can obtain a firearm point to Hale’s identity to distract from the true issue at hand. 

Gun control is an issue repeatedly questioned in the United States. Talk to your local representatives and use your vote to put someone in office that will strive for a safer culture. 

Keep Nashville in your thoughts. Do not grow desensitized to the pain, bloodshed and the frequency of these mass shootings. Instead use it as fuel for a fire to push for change.

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