Friday, April 16, 2021

EcoFest coming today

Plattsburgh State’s EcoFest is a day of events focused on appreciating and respecting the Earth, which closes a week-long stretch of programs for Earth Week that spanned from April 17 to April 24.

This marks EcoFest’s fourth year at PSUC, and workshops throughout the day and week included lectures about the importance of Earth Week and climate change. Activities ranged from Rugar Woods Appreciation Day to Edible Plant Walk, all of which were designed to let students and community members of all ages interact with the environment in a positive way.

“It’s a great way to try and get people more aware about the world around them,” PSUC Environmental Action Committee Adviser and Geographic Information Systems Support Specialist Eileen Allen said.

The past four spring semesters, students — mainly from the Environmental Science department — have worked together to create events that get students to interact with nature throughout the week that raise environmental support and awareness.

EcoFest will occur today at 2 p.m., due to the event being postponed last Friday because of rain.

The programs that occurred throughout this past week included bike rides, interacting with wildlife, pointing out edible plants, watching a film series about climate change and a concert featuring local bands such as the PSUC Bluegrass Club, indie and punk rock band Mr. Doubtfire and Americana and folk rock band The Old Main.

Allen said students who worked on these events are very dedicated.

“It’s a joy to see the students working together among different groups of people, and this is a big event,” Allen said. “It’s taken a lot of planning for these students to pull this together, and it helps them build social skills and fuel their passion for the environment.”

Earth Week is designed to let students and community members of all ages interact with the environment.

“This event is pretty big in bringing awareness to things that are going on around the planet, around the world due to climate change,” PSUC senior environmental studies and psychology major Colleen Corrigan said.

Allen said Earth Week is special because it is a combination of the community and students working together to organize Earth Day, which is something that’s been celebrated for decades.

The Earth Week programs were each equipped to inform others about different aspects of nature and include a wide range of organizations.

PSUC Ski and Snowboard Club showed the movie “Jumbo Wild” in the Amnesty Room Tuesday, April 19. PSUC Biketopia led riders down trails through downtown Plattsburgh Wednesday, April 20. PSUC Animation Club screened the Disney animated film “WALL-E” Thursday, April 21.

Local businesses, such as whole food marketplace and cafe Conroys Organics and wholesale market farm Fledgling Crow, had also helped out with this past week’s events by setting up tables and answering questions regarding the environment.

EcoFest will include activities, raffles, and food. It is all-inclusive for anyone who is curious or passionate about the Earth.

“A lot of people are neglectful of anything other than their daily surroundings, so it’s important to have a day, and a week, to put of this ahead of that for once in a while,” PSUC Campus Dining Sustainability Intern Rachael Greminger said.

Greminger is also involved with the EAC and has helped plan EcoFest. “As a whole, I think college students can learn how to make that lifestyle shift a little bit and just keep in mind that every decision they make, whether it be recycling, or taking a bike rather than a car, it’s all part of a bigger picture,” Greminger said. “This is the one time throughout the year that we have some time dedicated to the planet,” PSUC ecology major Josh Cummings said. “I think it’s just a good opportunity for people who don’t normally think about the environment and the challenges that our planet faces.”

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