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Diversity of 2017 fall’s beauty trends

With makeup, possibilities are endless, especially with the new beauty trends and beauty brands that can keep you up to date. With different opinions of different styles, makeup has always been a major discussion. In Plattsburgh State, there are many makeup enthusiasts and artists who have their opinions on beauty trends, favorite products and more.

PSUC multimedia journalism major alumnae Julian Breyette is a makeup artist who started learning how to do it at a young age. With the help of watching YouTube, he was able to learn different strategies that worked best for him.

“I learned a lot of what to do and what not do on YouTube videos because they do a lot of stuff horribly wrong,” Breyette said.

Some of his inspirations include Nikki Tutorials and Makeup by Jack who are both makeup artist and YouTube gurus.
“ They do use a lot of product so I would learn from them a lot and practicing on myself,” he said.

His favorite brands range from Anastasia Beverly Hills and the new brand Fenty Beauty.

“I love Anastasia for everything like highlight and brows and for foundations from Makeup Forever,” Breyette said.
Beauty trends that are currently in style in his opinion are highlight sticks from either Fenty Beauty or NARS.

“You can use them all over the face to get a really monochromatic look,” he said.

He also said that highlights, in general, are in, such as glow kits and lip glosses.

“Clear and sheer lip-glosses are making a big comeback,” Breyette said.

Some trends he disliked are glitter lipsticks in which he felt like it was a “silly trend” and intense eyebrows.

Beautitude Olufemi, a beauty enthusiast, brand ambassador and makeup artist started doing makeup by also practicing daily and watching YouTube videos. She practiced at a young age and began to take it seriously when she started college. She is currently a junior at PSUC minoring in communications sciences and disorders. She enjoys different makeup artists depending what area of the face she is working on but doesn’t have a favorite.She explained how she likes to keep her look natural.

“Always a natural look with my brows filled in, lashes and lip-gloss,” Olufemi said.

She uses many different products from drugstore to high end.

“ I love drugstore eyeliner and lip-glosses and I love high end eye shadows and highlighters,” she said.

Some products that are trending she explained are Anastasia’s Beverly Hills subculture palette, Morphe palettes and the new Fenty Beauty.
“Huda beauty products are also trending right now because of the new foundation shade ranges,” she said.

She also explained how she doesn’t disagree with any beauty trends and instead said, “I believe beauty is self-defined so there are no rights or wrong.”

PSUC sophomore psychology major Yarlene Rodriguez is a beauty enthusiast and makeup artist . She started doing makeup when she was in middle school and took more interest when she was in high school.

“I started doing my makeup when I was in middle school, but when I really started gaining some actual skills that I could apply on myself and other people was sophomore year in high school,” Rodriguez said.

Her favorite products include the brow definer by Anastasia Beverly Hills and the NARS foundation.

“I feel like the NARS foundation I found my actual skin tone and it glides on smoothly onto my face,” she said.
She said how she hasn’t been keeping up with the latest beauty trends ,but highlights are a huge trend.

Some beauty trends she hated were the squiggly eyebrow and too much contour.

“I hate when people contour their face too harshly and when you can actually see the lines,” she said.

Some recommendations she stated for beginners were inexpensive brands such as ELF and Shop Miss A.

“If you’re just starting and don’t really have the bank account to be spending on expensive products you can get inexpensive products that work,” Rodriguez said.
She watches different YouTube videos and social media accounts to get ideas.

Different makeup enthusiasts all seemed to have the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills in common. With the help of YouTube, each of them are able to learn different beauty techniques in which they can excel in today.

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