Sunday, January 17, 2021

Destination, Five1Eight

Downtown Plattsburgh has its fair share of restaurants, bars and stores ranging from books to printing pictures. Right in the middle of Margaret Street, where Off the Hookah used to be, a new nightclub, called Five1Eight, is opening in a few weeks.

Some people might have even been here before. Less than three months ago, Five1Eight was Off the Hookah.

Off the Hookah opened in mid-October of 2013. According to the Press Republican, the establishment was a, “bar, nightclub and herbal, non-tobacco hookah lounge in one. It features a distinct Egyptian decor, with artwork such as a sarcophagus scattered throughout.”

Now, with a little less Egyptian decor, the nightclub has been renamed and revamped.

“We closed the place for five weeks, and did some renovations, a lot of painting and redecorating, and added more places to sit,” David Hilts, the owner of the nightclub, said.

Hilts became the owner after being the general manager of Off the Hookah for over a year and a half. He was offered to buy the bar and once accepted, he changed the name, remodeled it and hired all new people.

After being in the Plattsburgh business for over 12 years of bartending to managing a club, Hilts said this was his next step.

“It’s a new step for me. I’ve done everything to get to here, and I’m excited.”

Two weekends ago was the pre-opening party and it went great, Hilts said.

By preparing for the grand opening in a few weeks, weekly events are being planned and bookings of special events are being scheduled.

Starting on Thursdays, College Night will be taking over Five1Eight with a college disc jockey and inexpensive alcohol, including $.50 beers and $3 drinks.

Five1Eight hosts speical events from birthdays to bachelor and bachelorette to sorority and fraternity parties. They are always open for special event bookings.

Christopher Brown, one of the resident disc jockey’s at Five1Eight and full-time technician, said they chose the name because they want to show their pride.

“Plattsburgh is in a good physical location, and there’s no reason why it can’t be an amazing city,” Brown said.

Brown is also in charge of entertainment and will bring local disk jockeys from Albany, Burlington, Miami and Plattsburgh State. Hilts said he is going bring in dj’s from Plattsburgh Sate to give them a chance to expand their playing.

The disc jockeys will be brought in from PSUC and then other college campuses all over the region.
Brown has a lot of experience with playing music and is all for exploring new music.

“College students are the most musical enlightening in the country,” Brown said. “They aren’t restricting themselves to just radio music – they can listen to music everywhere now.”

Brown said, he believes the club scene is going to start changing soon because the kids who were into the festival scenes are now old enough to go to nightclubs. The music will be moving more towards dance music and farther away from hip-hop.

As an opening gift, for the next seven weeks, Five1Eight is giving away a flat screen television every Friday, “You just have to be in the club to have a chance to win.”

Looking for a job? Hilts said Five1Eight is still hiring. Drop by during the day to grab an application from 12 to 5 p.m.

Five1Eight is now open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9p.m. to 2a.m.

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