Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Dance teams returning for new semester

By: Kiyanna Noel

From different kinds of dance to music, SUNY Plattsburgh has no shortage of dance groups. Dance has a way of creating unbreakable bonds and giving everyone their own freedom of expression. 

The three main dance groups on campus are High Voltage Dance Factory, Spicy Island Tings and African Unity Dance (AuSaaaa). Each group explores different cultures through dance and forms a connection with each other like no other. 

High Voltage Dance Factory was created five years ago to highlight dances that other dance companies don’t incorporate. With a strong variety of hip-hop, contemporary and jazz, HVDF has a place for everyone who is passionate and willing to put in the energy. 

Khalil Moore, a senior dancer on the team, has been there since the beginning. 

“High Voltage is full of great energy and new inspirations this semester. We make sure to incorporate all styles of dances in our routines,” Moore said. “And also really work on having fun and being creative when we perform.”

Spicy Island Tings is a well-known group that are motivated by their Caribbean roots, but don’t let that stop you from trying out and finding your place, there is a spot for everyone. After winning a competition at the University of Albany in the spring, the team is on a high that they are never coming down from. Spicy Island Tings will be performing by Hawkins Pond Friday, Sept. 22 for Community Night which is from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.  

Angelina Briggs, a senior dancer on the team, acknowledges that the long hours of working with this team always pays off. 

“Winning that competition meant everything to us. We spent hours perfecting and creating every single step,” Briggs said. “The corrections and sacrifices were small compared to the finished product.”

Spicy Island Tings is made up of members who are there to keep you level-headed and encourage you, in and outside of practice. “Spicy is a family. We motivate each other in a way that is deeper than just dance,” Briggs said. “If you miss a practice, you can guarantee that someone will be there to teach it to you before the next practice.”

AuSaaaa is a dance group that focuses specifically on African dances, but are very accepting of anyone who is passionate and willing to learn. Briggs is also a dancer for this group and loves what this dance group has to offer.

“AuSaaaa is a passionate group. You don’t see them perform often, but when you do, you are guaranteed an entertaining show,” Briggs said. “AuSaaaa has performances that are unforgettable, especially when working hand-in-hand with African Unity.”

Each dance corporation offers a different perspective on dance and a new opportunity for a person to find their place. While these groups have already held their auditions to join if you are interested, email captain of Spicy Island Tings, Storme Hutton at, captain of HVDF at Nochamy Bamba or Ausaa choreographer Natasha Chachie at 

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