Thursday, May 6, 2021

CTA presents ‘Student Night of One Acts’

The College Theatre Association will host its annual event, Student Night of One Acts, in the Black Box Theatre in Myers Fine Arts Building, April 29 and 30.

The Student Night of One Acts is a two-night event that consist of plays written, directed and performed by PSUC students.

The CTA looks to bring a variety of different acts when selecting plays. Light comedies, dramas and love stories are just a few examples of what will be shown.

“This event brings in a lot of people who are interested in acting or directing and are trying to see if they like it,” PSUC senior and president of the CTA Antony Watkins said.

SNOOA consists of 10 one-act plays that last about 10 minutes.

“We chose 10, but if we get more than that then it goes to a vote throughout the club,” Watkins said. “We go through which ones we would like to see be performed, and people choose which play they want to direct.”

There is one rule: Students are not allowed to direct the plays they write.

Watkins said normally in the theater world playwrights would not directing their own work. He thinks it’s interesting to see someone else’s interpretation of a person’s work.

PSUC sophomore and CTA Historian Mireena Fluery said the CTA was one of the first things she joined when she came to Plattsburgh, and two years later, she’s still apart of the association.

“I think it’s a great way to get your feet wet if you never tried acting or directing,” Fluery said. “You’re only committed to a 10-minute show and maybe three one-hour rehearsals throughout a month.”

Fluery said they try to work around students’ schedules when it comes to dedicating time on a piece.

“It really brings in a lot of new actors who want to try acting and see if they like it. We got a good amount of people come in and audition this spring,” PSUC junior and CTA Vice President Rachael Piper said. “It was like 30-plus people auditioning, including the members of the club.”

Piper said that the Rocky Horror Picture Show always brings in new members of CTA in the fall semester, and SNOOA brings in new members for the spring semester.

“I think there are always people who are curious about acting,” she said. “There are some people who just need a little push because maybe they didn’t even consider acting in general. They end up being fantastic.”

Fluery said SNOOA is more laid-back compared to other events like a full-length play, production or musical.

“No matter what major you are, this can be your home and a place where you can be just be yourself and have fun,” she said.

Watkins said the group gets plays that have one or two actors, so it is easier to manage for a first-time director.

For an experienced director, there are challenges as well. When interpreting a play, it can be elaborate or simple.

Watkins said the club has toyed with expanding the event outside of campus and opening it up to people in the Plattsburgh community. One of the reasons is because it is very difficult to get is that 10 plays that have been written in the last year by students.

“There’s a lot of talent in the area,” Watkins said. “Actors and playwrights in the Plattsburgh area that we can include and make it a bigger event.”

He said he would like to see is short one-act play expand into a full play.

Piper said every act can be relatable to people and no matter who they are, they will be able to pick-up on something and appreciate it.

Tickets are $2 for PSUC students they’re available at and the Angell College Center Information Desk.

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