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Criminal justice senior graduating early

When students come to college, they come to pass their classes and graduate in four years. Jarrett Hanwright came to college with that notion, but what he got was friends, clubs to join and an education preparing him for the real world.

“I think it was better than my expectations,” Hanwright said. “I didn’t know how excited I was going to be, but I just met a lot of good people and got involved in good clubs — and now I am a year ahead.”

Hanwright came to Plattsburgh State as a freshman in 2012. He had the choice to come here or attend York College in Pennsylvania, but he decided it was best to stay in New York.

Now, three years later, he is graduating this May. His excellent GPA and involvement in clubs on campus have allowed for him to graduate a year early.

Hanwright is a criminal justice major with a double minor in Spanish and political science.

He minored in Spanish because, with his credits from high school, he was almost finished with it. His second minor, political science, was an easy choice because he always enjoyed it.

“I’ve always been interested in criminal justice,” Hanwright said. “I’ve always wanted to be a cop.”

Hanwright said he will be the first police officer in his family, and his parents are supportive in his career choice.

Hanwright said his professors have played a part in his college experience by continuing to be supportive and helpful. He still keeps in contact with the professors who don’t teach him anymore, as he noted “it’s good to have them in your corner.”

“One professor that stuck out to me was Tom Nolan,” Hanwright said. “He was the head of the criminal justice department before going back to Boston and was one of the most influential professors I’ve ever had.”

Another professor who has influenced Hanwright was Associate Professor and Chair of the Criminal Justice Department Monica Ciobanu.

Ciobanu said Hanwright is one of her advisees, and he took one of her courses last semester. She got to know him better when she became the chair of the department.

Ciobanu said Hanwright is a hardworking, intelligent person who is community-oriented and dedicated to what he does.

“One of the things I like about Jarrett is that he is a student who will always come and talk to the professor,” Ciobanu said.

Ciobanu said Hanwright is responsible because he is making sure he’s doing everything right and staying on track for graduation in the spring.

“I know he will do great in the law enforcement field,” she said.

When Hanwright isn’t at the library studying, he can be found hanging out with the Fishing Club or running the Criminal Justice Club. He has been involved with both of these clubs since his freshman year.

“The Criminal Justice Club is pretty small, but I like it,” Hanwright said. “I was the secretary, and now I am the president.”

The Criminal Justice Club goes on ride-alongs with the police department, and he once went to Boston to visit the city’s police headquarters.

Hanwright’s roommate, and friend Matthew Ziomek is in both of these clubs with him.

Ziomek is a junior at PSUC and has known Hanwright since freshman year. The two have been roommates the past two years.
Other than being serious about his schoolwork, Ziomek said Hanwright is a funny, witty guy.

“He loves onions more than anyone you know,” Ziomek said laughing. “He has them with every meal.”

Ziomek said Hanwright will do well in the real world because he has met the right people and has been involved in different things on campus.

“It’s pretty cool because he’s doing what I am going to be doing in a few semesters,” Ziomek said.

Outside of school, Hanwright likes to fish, hunt and work on cars.

“I started working on cars with my grandfather and have been working on them ever since,” Hanwright said.

After graduating, he hopes to have an internship back home on Long Island with the Suffolk County Police Department.

“I’m pretty excited to graduate,” Hanwright said. “I’m actually waiting for a call from New York State Corrections. I’ve gone through the whole system, so now I am just waiting for the call for the academy.”

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  1. Samantha stahl,
    Thank you for the well written and lovely article on Jarrett. The school has been a very good experience for Jarrett. He is a determined young man who will make his mark on society and Plattsburgh u has helped him on his way.
    All the best .
    His grandmother, joan

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