Monday, May 20, 2024

Considering Clinton this election

Many people all across the country have decided to disregard Hillary Clinton has a viable presidential candidate.

Only “37 percent of people believe Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy,” according to a Washington Post-ABC News national poll. Why are some Republicans and Democrats finally warming up to her then? In the same poll, 27 percent of people believe Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is “honest and trustworthy.”

Clearly, voters from both parties are not enthusiastic about the prospect of a Clinton versus Trump election in November. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has been trying to cut into Clinton’s lead in delegates and the popular vote. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have been tryingas well on the Republican side.

An article in USA Today outlines why people should vote for Clinton over Trump or Cruz. While when it comes to Cruz, I’ll respectfully disagree. I would take a Clinton presidency over both Sanders and Trump. Why?

“I might even vote Hillary Clinton if that’s what it takes to stop Donald Trump because I think she’s the lesser of two evils,” author Brad Thor said in an interview with fellow conservative Glenn Beck.

In a previous article, I wrote that I might vote for Trump if it came down to him and Clinton. I was wrong.

The USA Today article puts it bluntly: “Hillary Clinton is not Donald Trump. She is nothing like Donald Trump. Trump is a man who calls Mexicans rapists and killers. He wants to close America’s borders to Muslims, and cites bullets dipped in pig’s blood as an effective tool against potential jihadists.”

Trump is a misogynist who is willing to say anything to gain votes. He has no respect for his fellow competitors and knows nothing about the laws that govern us.

“Hillary Clinton is the candidate who voted in sync with the Vermontian 93 percent of the time during their concurrent tenure in Senate,” according to the USA Today article.

This is to make it seem as if Clinton and Sanders aren’t that far apart. I don’t necessarily believe that. Sanders is running on a Democratic socialist platform while Clinton is running as a “progressive who can get things done.” She’s running on a plan of continuing the policies of Obama.

“When Sanders promised loan interest relief and free public college education, he became a beacon of hope — a millennial pied piper,” the same article said.

I disagree vehemently with Sanders’ education policies, but there is no doubt he has been able to excite college students beyond what any Republican could hope for. Aside from Trump, students find Republicans quite boring. Clinton is boring, but you know what? I’ll take boring over xenophobic and fascist.

What is good about Clinton?

Conservative columnist for National Review David French names a few: “On trade, Clinton will almost certainly be superior to Trump. Trump pledges to ‘win’ through punitive tariffs that would increase the price of consumer goods and trigger trade wars, but he gives little indication that he understands the economics of trade, the reality of the American economy, or even the truth about American manufacturing.”

French says Clinton would “maintain the trade-policy status quo” and that “free trade has long been an overall positive for American families.”

He continues to say: “Clinton’s (tax) plan would probably slow economic growth, but would be closer to revenue-neutral. Trump’s plan would spur more growth but would also increase the national debt by up to $10 trillion. Pick your poison.”

I’m certainly no fan of Clinton. I believe she’ll be a nightmare for this country, but you wake up from nightmares. You survive them and move on.
I don’t know if we could survive Trump.

French’s final thoughts echo mine: “Hillary Clinton is the most beatable likely Democratic nominee since John Kerry, and the GOP is poised to nominate the one man least likely to beat her, and the one man who would be just as bad in the White House. I don’t vote for despicable people. I don’t vote for leftists. And I will never, ever, vote for Donald Trump.”

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