Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Club requests granted

By Hayden Sadler

Members of the Student Association met March 8 to discuss approvals in club requests. All who were present also received a presentation about the Green Grant from the Campus Committee for Environmental Responsibility. 

The first item of discussion was the approval of a request for $400 for the Council for Exceptional Children Club. The club focuses on providing educational opportunities and increasing awareness for children with exceptional needs. Exceptional needs can be anything from a student requiring assistance in any curriculum to more advanced students requiring different accommodations. The money would help the club fund its upcoming trip and the cost of a place to stay. Members of the senate unanimously approved the club’s request.

The second item on the agenda was a presentation from the Campus Committee for Environmental Responsibility from Curt Gervich, a professor of environmental science at SUNY Plattsburgh. Gervich informed the room about Plattsburgh’s Green Grant with a presentation. The presentation explained the benefits of the Green Grant, a program which allows students and faculty to propose environmental policies that the school can fund. 

In the past, the Green Grant has provided improvements such as the bike fix-it stations, electric vehicle charging stations and the campus gardens. There also needs to be five student representatives, and currently there are only two. Recently, the Green Grant hasn’t received many student proposals, a factor which ensures the grant — and the fee that students pay to support it — doesn’t go to waste. 

The fee adds up to about $50,000 that can go toward environmental goals established with the Green Grant. Gervich brainstormed with members of the SA to generate ideas regarding how the Green Grant can get more publicity and attention from students. Senator Sy recommended utilizing future campus involvement fairs to garner student interest. 

Senators had some announcements to share as well. Senator Patel looked into the cancellation of summer storage. Finally, Senator Vaidya wishes everyone the best on their midterms.

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