Thursday, May 30, 2024

Club promotes entrepreneurs

By Kiara Mapp

The Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization is reaching out to new members looking to learn about entrepreneurship in a hands-on learning environment. 

The club meets Fridays at 2:30 p.m. in the Hermes Conference Room in Au Sable Hall. They feature guest speakers such as lawyers, local business representatives and alumni. For more hands-on experience, they also participate in competitions.

A Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization Business Plan Poster Competition will take place in the Angell College Center Alumni Conference Room Nov. 17  from 5 to 7 p.m. 

“Students will come up with a basic idea for a product or service, create a poster that includes a basic design or illustration, and explain the product or service’s features,” CEO President Vladamiere Perry said. 

Students will be able to experience what the beginning stages of entrepreneurship can entail. A prize pool of $500 will be divided among all three winners.

CEO Club will be setting up a table at the Angell College Center Nov. 7 to advertise this event and provide those who are interested the opportunity to meet with Perry regarding developing ideas for the event. At tabling and around campus, there will be fliers with a QR code that students can use to sign up to compete in the poster competition.

The CEO’s president and adviser are not only dedicated to getting students involved in creating posters that accurately portray the kind of entrepreneur they would like to be, but Richard Gottschall, a current professor in the entrepreneurship department, will also help in the creation of posters as he will be hosting “Pitch with Rich.”

“Pitch the Rich” will give students the chance to create a PowerPoint presentation and video conference with Gottschall to identify strengths and improvements that will address the weaknesses of the student’s five-minute pitch.  Posters for the Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization Business Plan Poster Competition can be developed, as “Pitch with Rich” will be hosted before competition time. The pitch should include a product or service, and a customer problem this product or service is addressing that you may want to use in the poster competition. A $25 gift card to Zuke’s Corner Store will be given to all participants.

For more information, comments or concerns regarding the Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization Business Plan Poster Competition or “Pitch with Rich,” students can stop by the Entrepreneurship suite 307 located in Au Sable. Perry can be reached at 

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