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Classes open for children 5 to 17


By Brionne Thompson

Camp Cardinal is being reintroduced this year, and the classes are aimed at different students than usual. 

Camp Cardinal has three week-long sessions spanning July 8 to 26 and featuring a variety of classes, such as cooking, engineering, gardening, health and storytelling. The camp is directed by Amanda Prenoveau, director of marketing at College Auxiliary Services. 

Each Camp Cardinal instructor got full flexibility to create how they wanted their instruction to begin and what they wanted to teach. The instructors are local, from Peru and AuSable school districts and SUNY Plattsburgh. They also have included students from SUNY Plattsburgh to help these professors as teaching assistants. 

This camp is for students between the ages of 5 to 17, and their teaching environments and materials across ages. 

Some of the courses aimed at younger children are “Magic School Bus,” “Reading, Art and Snacks” and “Summer STEM Fun.” Classes aimed at older children are cooking and archaeology classes. There are about 25 classes taking place over the course of the three weeks of Camp Cardinal. 

Camp Cardinal is being reimagined for this year — since 2017, this camp hasn’t been in business. It was named Summer Safari for about 30 years before that. 

Prenoveau was a student at the Summer Safari as a child, and is excited to create a fun summer experience for students. 

“I would love to take the Green Thumb Gardening class, just because I really enjoy gardening and think I would learn some valuable information,” Prenoveau said.

Camp Cardinal is not restricted to only one school district either. It is open to any child in age range, creating an open opportunity of summer education for kids. 

Each course ranges from $90 to $210, and that price is usually determined by the length of the class and the materials needed. Registration is still open to any students in the specified age range, and there is a built-in snack/lunch break before returning back to class. 

Camp Cardinal is an experience for children to learn about gardening and cooking and more useful practices to carry on in their future. Visit their website to register at

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