Tuesday, April 23, 2024

City Hall announces art exhibit


By Courtney Meisenheimer

The City of Plattsburgh is excited to announce that it now hosts a selection of works from the SUNY Plattsburgh Art Museum, and invites the public to view the works Monday to Friday between 8 a.m.  and 4 p.m. 

During the summer, City staff worked with Plattsburgh State Art Museum staff to find a suitable location for a small collection of works to be exhibited in City Hall. The team worked together to select just over 20 pieces to be hung in City Hall that showcased the City, some dating back as far as the 1970s. 

Community Engagement Coordinator Courtney Meisenheimer said, “We are proud to highlight the talented artists that attend SUNY Plattsburgh and are honored to showcase their work for the public to view. We hope that this encourages the public to visit SUNY Plattsburgh’s Art Museum on campus and immerse themselves in more art created by students in our City.”

Courtney Meisenheimer

Director of Plattsburgh State Art Museum Tonya Cribb said, “We are excited to share our students’ work and to highlight the amazing accomplishments of our faculty in the Art Department. It is a wonderful opportunity to have the City of Plattsburgh host this work as part of our Museum Without Walls program. We hope that members of the community will trek over to campus to enjoy more of our permanent art collection and galleries. Admission is always free and we are open six days a week to receive visitors.”

This selection of artwork represents Plattsburgh State Art Museum’s dedication to acquiring pieces by students graduating from the SUNY Plattsburgh Art Department. The collection has approximately 300 pieces from former students, many of whom are still making art in the region. 

The exhibit is located on the main floor or City Hall in the Old Council Chambers room. The accessible entrance is located on the northside of City Hall via the elevator.




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