Thursday, May 30, 2024

Chartwells, CAS reveal ACC renovation plans

This render commissioned by Chartwells and CAS showcases a more open seating design for the Sundowner.

By Aleksandra Sidorova

Changes await the Sundowner and Burghy’s Den spaces at the Angell College Center by fall 2024, Chartwells and College Auxiliary Services announced at a party at Burghy’s Den May 4.

CAS Executive Director Catherine Keleher and Chartwells Resident District Manager Christopher Mihalyi announced that Halal Shack, a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean style dining location at the Sundowner, will be moving to Burghy’s Den. The space used to be occupied by a Subway franchise and Griddles, an all-day breakfast dining location. Both Griddles and Subway closed in 2020. Halal Shack is expected to move to its new location by fall 2024.

Provided by Christopher Mihalyi

Campus Express, the campus convenience store, will also experience changes due to a transition in ownership. The store was owned by Follett, the company that operates the Campus Bookstore. However, Follett specializes in books and not convenience stores, and with the Campus Express ownership transferring back to CAS, students can expect more variety in snacks and personal care products as well as a We Proudly Serve Starbucks, Keleher said.

The new location will feature the entire Starbucks beverage menu and serve food prepared by Chartwells, which is the most the college can offer without the location being a fully franchised Starbucks store. These changes should also be implemented by fall 2024.

Provided by Christopher Mihalyi
The creative visions that Chartwells and CAS commissioned from a design firm show how Halal Shack might look in its new location in Burghy’s Den.

At the party, CAS and Chartwells displayed stands depicting demo renditions for the creative vision of the projects, which they commissioned from a design firm. They show concepts not just for Halal Shack and Campus Express, but a more open layout for the Sundowner as well, which is expected to be implemented by spring 2025. CAS, Chartwells and the college are working on these projects together as part of a multimillion-dollar Chartwells investment.

Provided by Christopher Mihalyi

Sushankita Rao, a student who attended CAS and Chartwells’ reveal party and who will still be a student by the time all the changes are made, said Burghy’s Den won’t feel as empty with the adjustments. Keleher and Mihalyi said they hope the changes are exciting for incoming students as well.

“We do not expect construction to begin until next spring, but we wanted to share this exciting information with you now!” a statement from Keleher summarizing the party read as part of the May 8 Student Digest.

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