Saturday, June 15, 2024

Cards honor seniors in last home series

By Nicholas Cousins

The SUNY Plattsburgh women’s softball team celebrated Senior Day Saturday, April 22 with back-to-back wins in its doubleheader against Fredonia. It was a strong finish for the seniors in their last home game and to recognize them for all their hard work throughout their years here at Plattsburgh. Graduating is such a huge accomplishment and being able to get it done while playing your heart out for a sports team is not an easy task. 

The senior class includes pitcher/outfielder Kristina Maggiacomo, pitcher/infielder Julia Golino, catcher/infielder Rebecca Diller, outfielder Kristen Langdon, catcher Danielle Torres and infielder Kelsy Waite.

In the first matchup, Plattsburgh beat Fredonia in a dog fight with the score being 4 to 3. Maggiacomo had a monster game with 9 total strikeouts. Mikayla Manalo got a late RBI leading to a score from Michelle Gonzales to seal the game. In the next game, Plattsburgh showed no mercy and dominated as they won 16 to 0. Golino recorded three total strikeouts and her fingerprints were all over the game in the blowout win. 

Golino described Senior Day as “surreal” and acknowledged how much she has enjoyed being a leader on the team.

“As a senior, you are someone the team looks up to. You have to set an example and be there for your teammates,” Golino said. “College softball is something that I have been working toward my whole career and for it to be coming to a close is bittersweet. I was appreciative of what the under class man and coaches prepared for us with decorations, signs and gifts.” 

Golino said she was able to really “develop and grow as a player and a person” during her time on the team. She cites the softball team as introducing her to people that will be close friends for the rest of her life. She also took the time to acknowledge her great mentor and coaches. 

Golino encourages those interested in playing softball to go for it. She’s enjoyed meeting great people and said the experiences she’s had on the team have made her time at college great. 

It’s not always easy to leave somewhere that you have been for a long time. There are so many mixed emotions that can come across, but these players know they have to stay strong through the course of their journey. Graduating college can seem like an end, but it is also a beginning. Everyone will miss something. 

“It is a little sad being a senior and the thought of not playing softball anymore. It was nice to have a day for all of the seniors because of everything we put into this program,” Maggiacomo said.

Maggiacomo spoke about her time as a Cardinal and what she would tell future athletes interested in softball.

“I have had a good experience here as a cardinal so I will definitely miss it. I would tell younger players that want to join that it is a lot of work being a student athlete but it is definitely worth it,” Maggiacomo said. 

Diller shared her feelings about Senior Day while expressing the influence she wants to have.

“Being a senior, I wanted to be someone for the younger girls to look up to,” Diller said. “I looked to the seniors as I’ve gone through school and I want to be able to be that person for others. Senior Day was special, we helped to develop the team that is playing today and we are our coach’s first full four year group.” 

Diller added that having the opportunity to play softball in college has driven her to work harder academically. Her message to younger players is to always work hard, on and off the field and to never doubt themselves. 

The job is not finished for the team as they go on the road to play Oneonta and New Paltz this week in some important matchups. The team plans to keep practicing hard and improving on the little things necessary to win the games. The team strives to keep the same mentality, momentum and confidence from this past weekend and build it even higher.

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