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Cards fight through late season fatigue

It looks as if the Plattsburgh State women’s volleyball team is not going to extend its season into the playoffs, but that does not mean they are incapable of achieving a level of success.

Before they are able to compete in their last three SUNYAC matches of the season however, they must deal with some impending fatigue and minor injuries that have been plaguing the team as of late.

The Cardinals are at a point in their 2015 campaign where player’s bodies begin to feel the exhaustion of a long and rigorous season, and it has definitely had at least a minimal effect on the team.

Head coach Jake Bluhm acknowledges that the team is dealing with a handful of minor injuries as well as some fatigue issues, but gives his players a lot of credit for working through them to put forward their best effort and give PSUC a better chance to win and compete.

“The girls are working really hard out there and over time that causes some issues which can be somewhat of a challenge,” Bluhm said. “Overall though, I think we’re in good spirits, and we are ready to play some more.”

Bluhm also mentioned how he is going to take some different techniques into practice in order to improve the team’s abilities, but while taking less of a physical toll on the athletes.

“I am trying to find things on the court that can help them continue to be productive but not kill them at the same time,” Bluhm said. “Something we’re trying soon actually is this yoga/pilates class in the fitness center to help them stretch out and get the benefits of being active while not overly exhausting them.”

Senior middle hitter Emily Miller is a prime example of someone who needs some time off from the physically demanding schedule of weekly practices and weekends filled with matches, seen walking around Memorial Hall while icing her hip. But while she may be slightly hobbled herself, she is proud of her all of her team’s efforts to power through and continue playing hard, especially the freshmen.

“Its difficult, especially for the newer players,” Miller said. “They are working super hard through it though so I wouldn’t say it is too much of a problem right now.”

As the team attempts to progress past injuries, they also are focusing on their overall progress towards becoming a better team.

PSUC believes they have made leaps and bounds this season in terms of keeping most matches competitive and playing extremely talented teams close.

The only aspect that has truly been missing is the ability to walk out of the game with a win in the scoring column.

Regardless of both the wins and losses of the past, coach Matt Lein is confident in the team’s chances to continue to progress and make an impact against their in-conference opponents this weekend.

PSUC has the potential to put forward a better performance than against the same opponents earlier in the season.”

“I think we’re doing a much better job in many areas,” Lein said. “We’ll get a rematch against a team we saw earlier in the year, and I think it is going to be a different story.”

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