Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Cards build chemistry as SUNYACs near

The Plattsburgh State volleyball team participated in the Hartwick Tournament against Baldwin Wallace University, King’s College, and Hartwick College last weekend in Oneonta, NY.

On Friday, the Cardinals played against Baldwin Wallace University losing 0-3. They came back on Saturday and came out on top against King’s College 3-0 and Hartwick College 3-2.

Freshman middle and right side hitter Michelle Simmons and sophomore middle hitter Tatyana Barlow said that the team truly came together as one during their games, compared to their matches last week.

“There was an intensity on the court,” said Barlow “We had a different vibe going this time. We mixed things up and got some new people that were positive and encouraging.”

“Consistency has definitely improved since preseason.” Simmons said. “It’s just going to keep getting better.“

Head Coach Jake Bluhm attributed the wins to the team working hard and bonding, while also playing at a consistently high level and making fewer errors.

PSUC heavily focused on chemistry in preseason, as well as in their first couple of tournaments.

Although the team bond is growing stronger, it is still something everyone on the team is building upon.

“Our chemistry is a lot better than when we started,” Simmons said. “Communication is the most important part, but also encouraging and pushing each other.”

The Cards are excited and optimistic regarding the upcoming SUNYAC tournaments despite having to switch up their strategies because of recent player injuries.

Freshman setter and defensive specialist Alyssa Rock is currently out because of an Achilles tendon injury, and sophomore middle and right side hitter Dani Borunda is healing from an ankle injury according to Coach Bluhm.

In the face of these injuries, the whole team has stepped up its game and is extremely motivated and ready to fight for the title in the upcoming games.

“We need to believe in each other as a team,” said Bluhm. “When we all know that we are going to face adversity, the best thing to do is face it head on as a team.”
The Cardinals’ determination and winning energy is setting the tone for the rest of the season.

“Passion is what wins the game,” Barlow said. “We’re going to work hard and put all of our hearts out on the court. That is what is going to take us through to the end.”

PSUC is eager to start the SUNYAC games, starting today at Memorial Hall at 5 p.m. against SUNY Potsdam. On Saturday, the Cards will also face off against SUNY Geneseo and SUNY New Paltz.


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