Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Cardinals compete, succeed together

The Plattsburgh State track and field team traveled to Boston last weekend to compete in the BU David Hemery Valentine Invitational and enjoyed the experience of competing at such a big event.

The Cardinals went up against Division I competition and were not phased. The Cards competed against a variety of Division I schools such as Duke, Howard, NYU, Yale and Syracuse, just to name a few.

Division I schools competing against Division III schools could seem intimidating to some, but to the Cards, it meant nothing but a great time.

“My first time going to Boston was so much fun,” junior distance runner Lauren Perschetz said.

The environment of the Invitational created a weekend full of adrenaline, which created success for Cards with outstanding records and championship qualifying performances.

“The stadium is completely filled with everyone screaming and cheering for every single race, which also pumps you up,” senior distance runner Megan Schweizer said.

Schweizer acknowledged that parts of the event created some nervous times, but everyone was able to turn their nerves into positivity.

“Being nervous makes you want to do your best and give it your all,” Schweizer said. “It’s a good nervous. Channeling your energy into adrenaline makes you run faster.”

Junior distance runner Ethan Vinson ran to a personal best time of 1:53.99 in the 800-meter run. The junior, who had previously qualified for the ECAC Championships in the 800-meter run, jumped into the top-15 for ECAC Division III 800-meter rankings.

Junior mid-distance runner Stephanie Boucher stood out for PSUC, placing 41st overall out of 192 runners in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:14.37. That time is currently the sixth-best overall in ECAC Division III and third-best in the SUNYAC.

In the 800-meter run, sophomore distance runner Lindsey Davenport posted a personal best time of 2:22.57, which is also currently 15th best in the SUNYAC. Schweizer finished just after Davenport at 2:23.00, also a personal best and SUNYAC qualifier.

Senior sprinter Luke Potash shined in the 200-meter dash, which qualified him for the ECAC Indoor Championships.

Motivation keeps the Cards united and successful and leadership promotes this.

“One of the most important aspects of being a captain is motivating one another to do better,” Schweizer said. “We do a good job motivating one another.”

Succeeding as a team helped PSUC thrive.

“Once everyone started doing well together, we all had a high and that created a lot of positive energy amongst the team,” senior distance runner Emma Deshaies said.

This past weekend’s achievements were the result of all the Cards’ determination, and the players are glad to see their efforts paying off.

“We have all been working hard to get the great results we’re getting now,” Perschetz said.

As PSUC aims to continue moving in a positive direction, they will head to Utica this Saturday, compete in the Utica College Pioneer Invitational and look to maintain the momentum they have created.

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