Sunday, May 19, 2024

Cardinal Watch: Serafini finds second home at Honors Center

Serena Ganesan

Nina Serafini is a lot of things, but one thing that overpowers others is that she is often described as a “badass.” As a triple English major, of writing arts, language arts, and literature accompanied by a psychology minor and a professional writing certificate underway, it is safe to say she is busy. But to Serafini, they are just goals. When she sets one, she is determined to finish it no matter what.

Now a junior, Serafini is the president of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society, secretary and member of the Executive Board of the Theta Phi Alpha sorority and secretary of the literature club. In addition to that she works four jobs on campus, a tutor at the Learning Center, a notetaker, an office assistant at the Honor Center, and a student ambassador tour guide.

Despite being busy and academically, she is kind and down to earth. She is not solely focused on her academic obligations. She clearly loves what she does. But she also makes it a priority to set aside time for herself. Be it listening to music, particularly Harry Styles, or watching football every Thursday and Sunday. 

She said she is extremely goal-oriented and self-critical, which is what drives her. When her mind is set on something, she is hellbent on accomplishing it. It does make things hard at times. Luckily, she has her mom to put things into perspective. She talks to her mom every day who helps her to remember that things do get done and that she needs to take a break. 

It also helps that she is busy with her passions, reading and writing. Having won a writing contest in 2nd grade, Serafini started writing again in middle school at the same time when she began to read more vigorously. She loves “The Hunger Games” with all of her heart and soul. She enjoys reading all genres of books, particularly mystery and thrillers and loves writing coming-of-age stories. She wants to work as a book editor after completing her studies. 

Each academic role Serafini undertakes is of integral importance to her. At the start of her sophomore year, she joined the Theta Phi Alpha sorority. She was drawn to the fact that there were sisters who looked like her. The inclusivity and love she experienced there eventually led to leadership roles, which is something she said she never could have done without her sisters. 

The Honors Center was her first home on campus. The people there are truly like a family to her. Tracie Church Guzzio, her academic advisor and advisor for the literature club, the Honors Center, and the Sigma Tau Delta, is like her second mom. 

“Nina makes every day easier in the Honors Center, even though it might make her harder,” Guzzio said. 

It is obvious Serafini is loved and valued by the people in her circle and rightly so. She is fierce and ambitious while also being gentle and humble. She words her goals with “I am going to” instead of “I would like to.” 

Knowing Nina is a privilege. She is all things wonderful and more. What makes her truly special is the fact that she is more than her accomplishments. She is a kindred spirit bound to conquer way beyond her boundaries.


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