Monday, January 25, 2021

Campus cable changes annoy sports fans

As I sit in my dorm watching TV, I flip to the guide to find a channel I want to watch. When I finally find a channel with a program I want to watch, suddenly, I can’t watch it. I ask myself, “Is this the right channel?” As a matter of fact, it is the right channel, so what’s the problem?

The problem is that some of the channels aren’t available. As I was searching for the cost of the cable system here at Plattsburgh State, I came across something else. My search brought me to a website called The site shows you how to set up your cable system and what channels you get.

I am a huge sports fan, so when we start school in the fall, I am still in baseball mode. When October comes around, I am in full hockey mode. There is a problem though; I can’t watch either of my favorite teams.

The guide tells me that the Yankees are on the YES network, which is the only place I watch the games. Whenever I try to flip to the channel, it’s not there. Instead of watching the game, I have my dad give me updates on the game, or I use my phone to check the score. The same goes for when the New York Islanders play on MSG+2, the sister station of MSG. Whenever they are on
I have to either find a website that is streaming the game or ask my dad for updates.

Not only can’t I get sports games on my TV, I started to watch a show called Big Brother over the summer on CBS. Of course, the same problem with the sports channels is happening with some of the news channels. Like the sports games, I have to ask my mom to text me exactly what is going on with the show because I can’t watch it.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard complaints about the channels, especially from people who like to watch sports games.

Not only do we not get certain channels, we also lose cable whenever there is a bad thunderstorm or a snowstorm.

When we have bad weather in Plattsburgh, I expect the cable to go out. I know this might be a bit of a shock, but I don’t have Netflix. Like most college students, I’d rather not spend money on something like that.

According to an article on, the president and general manager of WPTZ and WNNE, Paul Sands, said that about 31,000 of 34,000 households in Burlington and Plattsburgh TV markets are affected by the Time Warner blackout, which is happening mostly in New York.

Tom Streeter, a professor at the University of Vermont said cable guys have been living off of deals from which they made huge amounts of money over the last several decades.

You can see how having DirecTV in our dorms isn’t benefiting us at all. There are several problems that residence life should take care of. They should notice that people are complaining about how they can’t get certain channels, because hell hath no fury like a New York sports fan scorned.

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