Sunday, January 17, 2021

Buksa brothers strong contributors to team

As a catcher, it is generally your responsibility to help the pitcher take control of the game and have them settle down. For senior Plattsburgh State baseball catcher Frank Buksa, this task is a little more familiar when he visits his brother, freshman pitcher Brandon Buksa, on the mound, considering it has been something the duo has come accustomed to throughout the years.

The two brothers hail from Beekmantown High School in West Chazy. This is where the two baseball talents started their journey toward a collegiate career. Although the two may share similar DNA, members of the team explain that their styles of play are significantly different.

“Frank is a power hitter,” junior pitcher Scott Orr said. “On the other hand, Brandon is more of a player who uses his speed and hits for singles rather than extra-base hits.”

The brothers are most commonly known for their talents on the diamond, but they are also highly respected off the field as people. This results from the family values they share from their upbringing.

“They’re two absolutely great kids,” senior outfielder Nick Lupo said. “They are down to earth, and I believe they help each other tremendously.”

Lupo also believes their bond as brothers helps them to achieve on the field, even though brotherly quarrels may arise.

“Frank likes to lead by example, very much so with his little brother,” Lupo said. “He keeps him in line and he’s definitely never afraid to let him know if he’s been slacking.”

Brandon said while it is annoying because Frank is his older brother — he knows Frank is trying to help him get better.

It is easy to pair the two brothers together due to the last name they share, but Orr is right. They have both excelled in their own ways and are completely different types of ball players. Frank, who is in his senior year and is the catcher of the team, leads the Cardinals with a batting average of .391 with one homerun and a team leading 16 RBIs.

Brandon, in his first year, has hit .239 and has an on base percentage of .386. The rookie has recently been struggling on the mound with a 9.00 ERA, but he is still a vital part of the pitching rotation. Now, many questions have been raised about whether the rookie sensations decision to come to PSUC. Did his older brother play a factor in this decision? Lupo seems to think otherwise.

“I believe that was something that happened on its own.” Lupo said. “Brandon is a driven individual who excels in the classroom, and I believe being close to home was his best option and being able to be at a school where he could have the opportunity to play alongside his brother was just icing on the cake.”

Not only was being able to play baseball with his brother “icing on the cake” for Brandon, but it has also proved to be beneficial to the PSUC baseball program.

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