Monday, January 18, 2021

Bravery key to being romantic

Waking to a bright and shiny, yet snowy morning, you walk out of your bedroom and are immediately reminded the day has come.
How could anyone around you let it slip your mind?

All you see is 50 shades of red. Paper hearts cover walls, notes shoved under doors, couples are happy, smiling and in love everywhere you turn and everyone is wearing or holding something that symbolizes the love they have for others.

Valentine’s Day.

It’s a day of friendly notes, fools in love and flirting. The lovers love it, and the singles hate it.

The lonelies can be spotted defying the day by claiming it is all a bunch of hogwash created by Hallmark to make money on hopeless romantics, or they are walking with their head down trying to avoid anything and everything that reminds them they don’t have that very special significant other.

To all the beautiful people out there living the single life— it doesn’t have to be this way. Don’t hide at the sight of affection towards others. Instead, embrace the day and look at it from a different perspective.

It is very possible that most people on this campus, single or taken, have their eyes on someone who attends Plattsburgh State.

They might think about that person from time to time or all the time. They might be in a relationship with them or think the other doesn’t know they exist.

This is why Valentine’s Day is so versatile. In either situation, you have a chance to tell that person how you really feel.

This is the only day of the entire year that you have an excuse to be extra friendly and flirty.

Take this opportunity to talk to that cute girl who sits in front of you in math class or to the boy that always makes you blush when he looks in your direction walking past you in the hall. Tap her on the shoulder and ask her today’s date. Stop him in his tracks and tell him you like his smile.

Valentine’s Day is a chance to be bold. Be confident and approach that person. If you think he or she is the sweetest or smartest person, tell them. If you think he or she is just totally hot, tell them. Why not? What do you have to lose?

College is the time for students to branch out and to test your limits. Test yourself. See how far you can go. Will you get nervous? Will you go up to your crush? Will you tell them how you really feel?

If you don’t feel comfortable going up to someone, be an admirer. Leave your crush a note. Whether you sign it anonymous or not, take the opportunity. Go out on a limb and stretch to see if you can reach what you have been dreaming about since last semester, or even last spring.

It’s old fashion due to the fact that everyone now can declare their love for someone on Facebook or Twitter, but it’s the principle. A note declaring feelings could be just as effective as making a move in person.

And who knows? Maybe something will come out of all that Valentine’s Day is worked up to be. Maybe that girl in math class will tell you the date with a smile, and maybe that boy will tell you he thinks you’re beautiful. You will never know unless you go for it! That’s what the day is all about.

So tell, or write, them about what makes them special. Maybe it will all be worth that sweet, yet corny card that the card companies call beautifully poetic.

Even though Valentine’s Day can turn anyone into a ball of goo or as hard as a rock, always remember who already loves you.

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