Saturday, June 15, 2024

Boutique opens despite construction

By Anna Dickson

EMBER & ROOT modern therapy + counseling, located at 76 Margaret Street, opened  a boutique on Sept. 1 amidst the backdrop of a bustling construction site.  Despite the dust, gravel and limited foot traffic throughout the summer months, they  felt it necessary to introduce these products during the fall seasonal transition as the  community prepares for the physical and psychological effects the Winter months can bring to the North Country. 

A longstanding goal of psychotherapist and owner of EMBER & ROOT Anna Dickson is to share various products that have been an integral part of her self-care and  personal wellness, especially throughout her travels and many moves as part of a military family. The boutique also includes home decor, accessories and apparel from makers she has developed a personal relationship with, particularly from the  American Southwest. These items bring a sense of “home” to any space, an  important component to well-being. 

“We are so pleased with the turnout, support and excitement over our version of  ‘wellness’ and our ability to share this with the community,” Dickson said. “It will only grow from here.” 

Dickson intends to continue to expand the boutique to include items that she  uses and/or recommends within her practice. 

“We are starting small,” Dickson said, reflecting on the light infused alcove it currently occupies in the front office area. 

Store hours are also limited to weekdays, when the practice is actively open to clients. She added, “with a carefully curated mix of wellness products…it is a humble  beginning toward a larger vision.” 

Dickson is a native to the local area and has integrated a variety of local businesses from  the Adirondacks to continue to create and share products meaningful to her and her  therapy practice.

 “So far, we have received amazing support from clients, Plattsburgh patrons and the community at large. We are grateful to continue to serve  this community and expand in the coming years,” Dickson said. 

The Wellness Boutique participated in October’s First Friday, offering light  fare and drinks at their Sip & Shop event Oct. 6. 

Additional  information about EMBER & ROOT modern therapy + counseling can be found on their  website: and instagrams: @ember.and.root and  @ember.root_wellness_boutique. For additional questions, please contact via email: or office phone: (518) 569-6008. 


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